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I have created all my follow up messages but all i need is to find a good way to build my list,can anyone tell me some of the best ways to build a list?
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    Originally Posted by wilsonljx View Post

    I have created all my follow up messages but all i need is to find a good way to build my list,can anyone tell me some of the best ways to build a list?

    You want to get Aweber. Put some kind of free gift
    in exchange for an email.

    Also put a 'Light Box' pop up as well. I haven't found
    anything that converts so well.
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    Do you mean drive traffic to build a list or what to build a list with ?
    If its traffic that depends on your niche and there are lots of ways,
    If its a way of storing your list as you get traffic then i would recommend the autoresponder Aweber, make sure you get your autoresponder choice right from the start as its difficult to change once you have a list !!

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    Just build nieche sites related to you products/services and write content and also use an autoresponder , create a form put it on site and write something like :"please subscribe and you will get a free xxxxxxx(bonus) "
    But also give the something relating to your site and also good quality stuff , because if bonus is bad they will think all you have is crap and they won't listen to you and unsuscribe.
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    Read viper chill's blog

    Drop me a PM if you're a techie living in San Francisco

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      Originally Posted by brightgravity View Post

      Read viper chill's blog
      Yeah, he does have a really good post on this. Try googling "email blogging". Definitely worth the read.
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    There are endless ways to build traffic. The key is to pick one or two and stick with them until they work. If you try a new strategy every other day you will never get anywhere. Pick something you enjoy doing, meaning don't pick article writing if you hate writing articles. Also you have to decide how quick you want the traffic, meaning paid is much quicker than seo
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      Paid is good however organic links have more impact in building traffic.
      You can search a list of authority and social bookmarking sites then compile it as your first link building strategy.
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    Sending E-mails is a great option. Writing emails for others to use on their websites and newsletters is a great way to start off. You can radically add onto your visibility by writing in your area of expertise and proficiency. Distribute these to the concerned editors as an absolute free content for their e-mail newsletters or their websites for starters. Send a link to your website and a one line description of what you can offer in the mail that you write. This in return will generate hundreds of links to your site in no time. Installing a Signature in your E-Mail program helps the potential customers to get in touch with you better. Most e-mail programs permit you to delegate a signature so that it appears at the end of each and every message you send. Make sure you do not exceed it to more than 6 to 8 lines. If the content you have on your website is very helpful you can offer it to the various social bookmark websites as well. This will not only help in sharing your articles with certain people but in return they will share it with other people thus adding potential to your website. Social bookmark websites include Stumbleupon and Reddit. They are a great way to augment a website from a user’s point of view.
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    There's a LOT of information here about list-building. Simply do a search. There have been several threads recently about how to build a list.

    To start you out, here are 11 list-building/traffic strategies for you. Pick 2 or 3 of the easiest for you to do now and work on those. Don't try to do everything at once. Once you get some success, then build on that.

    1. Create free, live teleseminar on your topic.

    I don't know about you, but for me, it's a lot easier to yap about a topic for an hour than it is to sit down and write a 10 or 20 page report.

    Advertise your free teleseminar on your own website (it can be your bait for the opt in), in your own e-zine, in other e-zines and Web sites of targeted associations and organizations (join these orgs if necessary), and anywhere you'd usually advertise your business.

    2. Turn that same content into an audio class.

    Don't create more work than is necessary here. Simplicity is key.

    You can record several different live teleseminars and pick the best one or simply do a recording of you talking into your computer. Again, don't SOUND like that's what you're doing! Pretend you're sitting down with a friend for coffee and explaining your topic.

    Post the recording on your Web site and require that people opt-in to get access. (This will also free up a lot of your time when you're ready to move away from live calls.)

    3. Turn it into a special report.

    Take your call, have it transcribed and cleaned up and post it as a free report. MUCH easier than staring at a blank MS Word screen, trust me! 10-30 pages is fine. End your report with a promotion for your product or service. Add tracking links throughout the report so that you know where those clicks came from. I know 1 Shopping Cart offers link tracking.

    (See? Same piece of content, 3 different promotions. Ok, marching on...)

    4. Turn that same content into a live talk.

    When you're ready, you can start giving talks to your target market. But use the same info and format that you already have and just tweak it for your audience and venue.

    Locate groups of your target market. Speak for FREE or $$$$. Sell your products and services at the event. (I believe the host usually takes a commission)

    For those times when you're not allowed to "pitch" or promote in any way, use the GIVEAWAY DRAWING strategy to build your list. (This works best if you have a physical product with you.)

    When you're done with your talk, smile and ask who would like a FREE [insert your product here]. Hosts and promoters usually don't have a problem with this (it makes them look good to their audience too since everyone loves to get something for free).

    Describe your product (to let them know what they're going to get), let the audience know that everyone who enters your drawing will be added to your list and receive a complimentary subscription to your e-zine .

    Pass a fishbowl or hat around and have everyone drop their card in. Pick a card and give away your product. Someone gets a free product and YOU get everyone in the room onto your list.

    5. Be a frequent teleseminar guest.

    You've already located groups of your target market. Offer to be a guest on their teleseminars. If they're not holding teleseminars, then offer to host a free call for them and give their audience great free information and give the partnering organization a commission on all referred sales. If possible, negotiate to get a copy of the registration list as part of the deal. Better yet, direct their registrants to YOUR site and have the registration be an opt-in to YOUR list.

    6. Advertise in other e-zines, websites and publications.

    Too many people (and IMers in particular) simply don't spend enough time or $$$$ building their list. They're cheap and want everything for free. Big mistake. Your list is your biggest asset, the one that will feed you for life so be willing to invest in it. If you're tracking like you should be, you'll know exactly how many sales came from whatever activity and so you'll know exactly how much you can afford to spend. Direct Marketing 101.

    Choose publications your target market reads and advertise your free (whatever your opt-in bait is), NOT your product or service. Your primary goal is to get them on your list. THEN you can sell them.

    7. Plaster your articles all over the Web.

    Ask the article marketers here who know: article marketing pays. Recycle every article you write for your e-zine and submit them to appropriate e-zines and article directories.

    8. Attend live events.

    Look around for conferences and seminars with leaders in your industry and that your target market attends. Pay more to sponsor an exhibit and look for unique ways to get noticed. (One Internet marketer I know of planned a party at an event she attended and invited everyone from the conference hosts and leaders to the attendees. Simply by virtue of the fact that she's planned and hosted it, she was seen as very gracious and people were very open to her after that.)

    9. Give great testimonials.

    Give generous and honest testimonials for other people's products and services. Ask them if you can be featured on their websites, along with your URL. They may very well agree to this and even though that URL probably won't be a hyperlink, people can still find you.

    Remember that results-based testimonials are most likely to be featured since they sell the most.

    10. Go viral for a rush of subscribers.

    You might follow Scott Stratten's example and create a short Flash movie with an opt-in box at the end. He did The Time Movie (which I believe is still up) and got an insane number of people on his list in a very short time. The catch to that is that his movie (and thus his list) was very general and not very targeted. But you can get creative and see what you can do to make it more targeted.

    11. Use a book to build your list.

    I think that most people have dreamed of writing a book and becoming a famous author at some point (myself included). But the truth is, you're not very likely to get rich writing a book. In fact, you're not likely to make any money writing a book at all (unless you're direct-response oriented and self-publish).

    But a book is a GREAT LIST-BUILDER! It gives you tremendous credibility and people don't typically throw away books. They'll throw away your business card and your brochure. They'll click away from your site. But they're not likely to throw away your book.

    There are a lot of options for self-publishing. Don't believe anyone who tells you that a traditional publishing house offers an author more credibility than self-publishing. People want to know about the book, if it's any good and who the author is and what makes him qualified to write the book. Nobody ever asks who the publisher is.

    Obviously, this isn't a first step for a newbie, but it's definitely something to keep in the back of your mind. There are lots of options for self-publishing: everything from going it alone (check out Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual -- a FABULOUS book (I own a couple of copies) to people offering coaching programs and done-for you services designed to help get your book out of your head and into print.

    I have personal experience with this one as my first book was published last year. I had the VERY BEST help and guidance: I was mentored by Sheri McConnell, founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Writers.

    I went with a hybrid publishing solution: I published as an imprint of an established publishing house with over 120 titles. The book is GORGEOUS and I'm THRILLED with the results!

    There you are: 11 list-building strategies to keep you busy and get your list growing. Just keep your target market in mind: WHO are they and what problem does your product or service solve for them?

    Hope that helps!

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    Just to add a few more
    Join Free giveaway events and possibly upgrade to have your offer on the top
    Buy about 2-3 soloads initially
    Then adswap, adswap and adswap.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    • I agree with this method for the quickest way to build your list up fast.

      You can join giveaways for about $7 to $27 which will add several 100 subscribers within a couple of weeks.

      Then you can begin to ad swap with other list builders.

      Check out for easy and safe ad swapping.
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    Originally Posted by wilsonljx View Post

    I have created all my follow up messages but all i need is to find a good way to build my list,can anyone tell me some of the best ways to build a list?

    You'll find a downloadable instructions here
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    All the above are great advice but the biggest thing it took me a while to learn is to make a habit of doing at least a little bit every single day toward building not only your list but a good relationship with your list. That is the key. Just DO it.
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      Traffic is a big topic. But in general there's two ways to do it. There's the free way and there's the paid way. If you want traffic fast, you need to pay for it. One of the best ways to do this is to buy solo ads, which basically means paying someone to send their subscribers to opt-in to your list by sending them to your squeeze page. This is one of the fastest ways to get subscribers. Yes, you need to pay, but think of it as an investment. In any case, if you can entice them on an up-sell after they opt-in, then the opt-in will pay for itself.

      Free traffic methods are just so many. Think of these as essential, but traffic won't happen overnight. Good for long-term strategy.

      Please read the forum rules.

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    Join forums related to your niche and create good value posts. You'll gain more trust and many subscribers by just being apart of the community. Create a free course or report and offer it there.
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    Giveaways events!

    Since I started the speed is awesome. I am even hosting some of them, see my sig for details

    Your 1st 100k Product - The Facebook Ads Method

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