Ask for Public Domain. Where will you sell them??

by Kupad
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Hi guys,

I'm new in IM. And I'm curious about public domain book. How can we sell them?? And where is the effective place to sell them.

Big Thanks,

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    There have been courses written on the subject, I believe until recently some were selling them as Amazon Kindle ebooks. I don't re all the other means, probably can be mixed into a plr book selling site. Some do repackaging jobs, like creating audio books, the PT Barnum circus promoter's Making Money title being one example.

    One warning I do recall is to be certain of the public domain status, some employ attorneys to do a quick review.

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    Thanks very much dude. You offer many kinds of idea.
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    I think the best way is to reformat it somehow. There are some great works in there but its best to put your own spin on it so go for a niche you are familiar with when starting out. Audio books,videos, membership sites, ebooks or even content for ethical bribes are all uses for PD books. I have written a post on it if you want to have a look.

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