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Does anyone have any experience with the go daddy auctions expired domains?

I was doing keyword search and went to see if a keyword was available. It popped up as a GoDaddy expire domain, and I had to purchase for the 1 year renewal fee + the expired domain purchase.

It was a hefty $20, I couldn't find any promotion codes that applied like they do typically when I register domains.

After purchase, I noticed it wasn't in my account, so I called their staff to be informed that the registrant had 4 more days, and if they didn't register it, then I would get it after 2 weeks.

I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this, and I was wondering, since the domain is a year old, will that help it for SEO purposes, or will it lose that value after I get it (if I get it ;0)

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    You can commonly get aged domains before they drop in the Google auction, Google apparently renews them to prevent the age lapsing, I have gotten a few around 8 years old for $12 - $24, when they are being sold by the current owner you have to communicate with them to get the domain pushed to your account, a process that takes some days.
    Yea all my purchases were buy now deals (no auction patience), sorry I am not familiar with the expire? auctions. If they are waiting out the final reclamation period, you may get an officially dropped domain with a zeroed history.

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    Its actually depends that you are developing the domain with the same theme that it was previously but you will get good traffic if its famous. Search engines like domain older than a year
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    Not exactly the information I was looking for, but thnx for the feedback.
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    so how long did it end up taking you before the domain could be seen in your account?
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    Hmmm...I didn't know you could get these domains for so cheap. I bet they would be more if they were higher traffic right?
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    I recently purchased a domain name through GoDaddy auctions. It took five days for it to show up in my account under "Domains," so your issue is not unusual. Before it showed up I received and email with an "Activate" link for the domain. Have you received an email like that?

    Also, this may help:

    I can't post links yet (only one more post to go) but they have a document entitled 920/purchasing-domain-names-you-won in their support section that you might want to check out.
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    You got it right, GD auction domains take a bit of time to become "fully yours". They have to complete the full period that the previous owner has available to redeem the name before you have ownership. That's just how it's done. On the very low chance that the person redeems the domain out from under you, you will get a refund.

    Normally the domains keep the age benefit. On rare occasions it drops off, so make sure the age benefit isn't the only reason you bought the domain.
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    We've purchased several thousand domains through GoDaddy expiring auctions (formerly TDNam). Maybe 1 in 200 get renewed once they reach the point that they are on auction and they are typically premium domains where the registrant did that intentionally to get exposure for the name. We've never had a case where age was not kept.
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    assuming the original registrant doesn't renew, once you make payment, how long does it take to reach your account?
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    The fee is what you paid for the "auction", then you have to pay the yearly iCann fee on top of it...


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