How to Really Make BIG Money (on the Warrior Forum and WSOs)

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Everyone here came here to make money. They may be working on building connections with their business, or learning through reading threads and contributing, but honestly, we all just want to make money on the web.

This thread aims to wake you up and make you realize just how easy it is to make a decent amount of money on the web.

It's not.

Not if you're aiming for $10,000 or $100,000 on a regular basis. And you should be, because you can get there if you just opened your eyes. Warrior Forum is primarily a forum for helping people each other out: the admin made this in the hopes of allowing business-minded people to come together to share their techniques and build long lasting relationships to push each other higher. That is to say, not to make a quick buck. There are a lot of WSOs out there that were made just with the "easy money" in mind, and that's why those people never got to make future sales with their WSOs.

Because they didn't take care of their customers, with their work quality. Sure, they made an easy $59x17 dollars, but what about the recurring commissions that could have been made had they simply provided exactly what their buyers needed... and more?

The secret to making money online is being a friend and giving yourself for free.

What I mean is, if you give your all and give more than what is expected from you, people here will actually be surprised and might want to give something back your way. As much as you think people are untrustworthy and just want to scam you out of a quick buck, you'd be surprised at how conscientious and humane humans can be. I know, and here we thought all humans were just animals!

Kidding aside, all I'm saying is today, try to post on this forum not to make money in the short run, but to make friends and connections for the long run. The friends you make today will set the foundations for the business ventures and JVs you will have in the future, the PMs they will send you with tips on new methods they learned, the free product reviews they will let you sample and comment on before they launch it to the rest of WF!

Think of what Sean Parker said to Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, in the movie "The Social Network":

If you put up ads on Facebook now, you're gonna be ending the party at 11. No one wants to be the guy to end the party at 11 o clock!

If you keep this up though, [in the long run], you could be on your way not to $1 million, but 1 billion dollars. That's right, a billion dollars.
Your actions, posts and products here on Warrior Forum reflect how much you will make. Will you make $1000 off of everyone, or make a billion dollars?

// Disagree with me? Have something to add? Feel free to debate, fellas. I've been a quiet reader too long, I just wanted to share my real thoughts on WF.
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    The secret to making money online is being a friend and giving yourself for free.
    Great topic!I will say, however, that I would modify the above statement.

    Give of yourself for free with no expectations of return and let me tell you - that's just what you'll get.

    No returns.

    Sure, you'll get thanks. And words. And appreciation.

    But when it comes to actually pulling the trigger and buying from you.... you've already set up the expectations that you'll be giving of yourself for free all the time.

    So why pay?

    This is one reason why soooo many bloggers fail to make money online - it's their nature to share for free and to shun anything that even hints at 'selling'. 'Tis anathema to them.

    So I'd modify that you should be helpful, let your audience know you're quite willing to share your knowledge....but also make it quite apparent that you're a business person like they are.

    Princeton doesn't feel ashamed to ask money for its education.

    Heck, your local carwash asks money for their services too!

    Your services are valuable as well and you deserve to be paid for them.

    It's a fine line to walk, one that caused me much grief in my earlier years. But it's definitely doable....

    My take.
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      Dammit, Nick!

      I saw your thread title and came in locked and loaded, ready to blast away at another profiteer.

      Then you and Barb go and talk sense.

      Now what am I supposed to do? [Removes tongue from cheek]

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    I agree with what you said about how you shouldn't be afraid to pull the trigger and sort of, pull out all your investments, shall we say, when the time is right.

    The problem I see with most people, and most Warriors, is that they're always excited to pull the trigger at the first chance to make money. The big money isn't going to made just by selling product after product, flooded with testimonials.

    No, the real money lies in store for those outstanding people who are willing to look beyond the immediate money and help those around him. Believe me, if there's something you can't buy nowadays, it's loyalty. For me, loyalty is the fundamental factor to the successful businesses like Starbucks and clothing lines like Topman. They don't have exceptional coffee or clothing that stands out, but the way they treat people and the relationships they make are key factors to why they are so hard to beat.

    If that reality holds for offline businesses, why shouldn't it work for us here at Warrior Forum?
    I'm attacking Warrior Forum. No more fakers, false truths and crap products.
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    Haha, surprise surprise!

    Was hoping actually for someone out there to disagree with me. I'd like to see the side of the easy, quick cash take a stand in it. I know personally that some Warriors out there are actually quite content with the "sell a quick WSO fast" philosophy and lifestyle. Heck, a lot of them use it to make a living, as I mentioned.
    I'm attacking Warrior Forum. No more fakers, false truths and crap products.
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      Originally Posted by Nick the Genius View Post

      Haha, surprise surprise!

      Was hoping actually for someone out there to disagree with me.
      Everyone here came here to make money
      I'll disagree on this statement.

      I found this forum because I was looking for help with a completely different issue that had nothing to do with me making money. :p

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    This is a very good point, I completely agree with you that contributing and providing a service rather then a product is key to success, as soon as your mind gets on the money that's when you make NOTHING...
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    Yeah. I actually learned about that concept of focusing on money a long time ago from the first few IM products out.

    They all kept saying "not to focus on the money otherwise you'd do badly". I never believed it, and up till day it's not completely true as there are a lot of exceptions out there, but it may not have been all wrong. Some people will actually need to forget about the money first in order to bring out the best work they can give.

    That "Social Network" really inspired me with how Zuckerberg was portrayed as a guy who didn't really care about the money first. He was passionate about whatever he was doing before he sought to make money from it, and it paid off in the end, in both the movie and in real life.
    I'm attacking Warrior Forum. No more fakers, false truths and crap products.
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      This is a really interesting one.

      I have been trying to do something online for about 3 years now. Until recently, I have always concentrated on the money aspect of the business. I have spent thousands of dollars on training, products, affiliate programs, etc and I have not made a penny.

      About 3 months ago, I decided to just give up the making money bit and concentrate on just learning new skills. Since doing this, that is giving up the money side of the equation, I have learned far more in those 3 months than I have in the previous money grabbing years.

      It is almost like I am now possessed. I now know that I am NOT doing this for the money. I am doing it for many different reasons. But I would say that the main reason for doing this is that now I can actually help myself and others to see what not to do.

      Nick, I am too new on here to comment about the money grabbers. But I do know that the original idea of this being a Forum for helping others is a great one. I see it daily. I do also see the WSO's daily. Some appear to be good, some are b******s and some are absolutely brilliant value for money. I bought one recently and it is going to help me make money. I just know it!

      The end result is that those who want the quick buck will keep popping up. But I agree with you that they probably won't be around for long...

      Thanks for this.

      Best Wishes
      Andy Moore
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    Great post Nick,
    you have made a very important point about helping other people and building a good relationship with them.

    It is a good idea to think long term, you will make far more this way.

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  • Profile picture of the author Nick the Genius
    Actually andy, those "quick buck" people might be around for all time, as long as the long term people. They'll always be going for the opportunity to make some cash through their upsells and a great quantity of WSO releases, but the small problem I see with that (although it can be avoided) is the Law of Diminishing Returns.

    WarriorForum is a forum with a huge market, but only a portion of those willingly purchase WSOs, and of that portion, only a smaller portion willingly buy from one specific individual OVER AND OVER AGAIN. So eventually, by the law I stated, less and less people will be willing to buy from the same person's WSO releases. This is of course theoretical and stands to be proven wrong by exceptions, but I was just pondering it over today with regards to WSO sales of the big shots. I'm sure some of them have encountered this phenomenon.
    I'm attacking Warrior Forum. No more fakers, false truths and crap products.
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    Isnt it just like in real life? - Treat your customers with respect, honour their patronage and they will come back and purchase future products.
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    I believe that we get what we put into the world. Meaning, the bad things we do will come back to us in one form or another and the good as well. So definitely give and be helpful instead of being greedy.
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    Building relationships should be the cornerstone of everyone's business.

    Yet due to greed, laziness or lack of patience, it is pushed way down the food chain.

    Best bit of advice I ever got:

    Don't focus on the money. Focus on the value you deliver and the relationships you build... the money will come.

    Also, there's a great little book called The Go-Giver.

    Absolute must read. Can't recall the author right now.
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      Everyone here came here to make money.
      Not really.

      That's a disconnect for me as so many today are totally focused on the WF as the answer to "money for me". Some come here to LEARN to make money and to help others learn the same.

      Eventually most members (not all) figure out the "big seller" who has a different "make great money with this method" WSO launched every week is probably making his money with WSO's

      I've never seen anyone whose total focus was on "money for me" become successful - you have to have the "what's in it for you" element at the forefront. That doesn't mean you have to give away your products or services for free to anyone. It does mean you help without looking for a return or an angle.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    I can say this for sure, through building relationships and helping out where I can...I have been given way more than I deserve in the form of helping and networking. People have introduced me to people and gone out of their way to help.

    It really is amazing how some of the big dogs in here truly do help.

    But I am not opposed to making money as well. I put in a lot of time and effort to my business and like that I can come here and learn from people that are ahead of me in making money. I buy their products and learn from them. It has helped a lot.

    This is a great place to learn, network, and make money...I dont think they need to be separate....
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  • No, the real money lies in store for those outstanding people who are willing to look beyond the immediate money and help those around him.

    I've heard this before. It's always been from people who are looking for a handout, to be blunt. You've got, what, 32 posts? What do you know about the wisdom of openhanded sharing in the WF? Sounds like you'd like to be on the receiving end.

    Here's a secret: Be here, be yourself, practice what you preach and before you know it, if you have something of value, people will be quietly making connections with you and sharing the information wealth.

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    I'm not sure if this is the place for this question but I'm new and I'm trying to find out how to put my link below the line that I keep seeing. Do I need to have a certain number of posts or what?

    Join the free membership site
    FREE to join. FREE products you can resell.
    Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing.

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    Not everyone comes here to make money. There are much more other things, i came for graphics help here.
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    Wow. Good posts.

    I agree that relationships are the cornerstone of EVERY business. You also have to realize and demand that your time is worth money - I'm not talking about forum posts....

    Just saying that you have to spend X amount of time consistently doing things that actually make money. Staying power has everything to do with creating true residual income to free yourself from slave labor lives

    Need LEADS... leads that seek you out?? Sales? I'll get you famous on Facebook in 60 days - FREE *** Famous on Facebook

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