Choosing Between .net and .org Domains?

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Anyone know of any objective information on which would be more effective in marketing a line of items? (.com is unavailable for my niche)
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      Originally Posted by dunebuilder View Post

      .net is better but now i saw one thing new that org get very fast pr
      So is either one just as effective as the other? Sounds like you are saying it doesn't matter. Is that right?
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    So domain doesn't matter at all.Google shows importance to all 3 top level domain com/net/org.You can certainly choose anyone thats available to to you.
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    I heard recently that Google prefers .org over .net now.
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    .org might be better if you're a selling products... .net if you're information based.
    When it comes to rankings, I have noticed very little difference between .org and .net so I'd just go with what makes the most sense for your business.

    Hope that helps

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    .net is more used, so I'd go with .net.

    The global usage of a TLD is a big criteria for Google.
    Of course, .com is best.
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    .net for me
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    IMO .org is for informative sites. The .net is mainly where you're doing some selling/purchasing kinda thing.

    Bottom line - If looking for Adsense based site go with .org
    If looking for affiliate site go with .net

    Rest if you can find a .com domain with "-" in it..that will do as well..Choice is yours

    Offering my 2 cents to the IM Community

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    Read this:
    Battle of the TLDs – .NET vs .ORG | Morgan Linton

    The only thing with .org is that its for non-profitable organizations. So you can't sell or promote anything on your site. But the one million question is what you planning to do with the domain - are you going to sell something? Or are you making a non-profitable organization?

    Dot Org holds defiantly more authority. But for every-day websites i would go for .NET.

    Mike Tyler.

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      I thought .org as for non profits. .net and .biz are more for business. .Com is typical first generation website, which most may be sold out by now. **** and .fr and .au are all countries. and .ws is GDI (lol)

      I just used blogger, which is with Google. So traffic is not hard to get.
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    Right, .Net will be better option if you want to sale directly from your site. But if you want to monetize via adsense or affiliate. Then .Org will be best.
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    I choose .net, simply because in my head it's easier to remember than a .org if you were going to type it into the address bar.
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      I recently veiwed an SEO video put out by Jeff Carter (Rapid Profits Formula). He and his associate did a lot of research reguarding Google keyword ranking and the domain. They found that .com, .org, ,info, etc made not difference what so ever. If you plan to sell the site later than type of domain may matter but for ranking they say it does not.
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        As clarified and repeated unambiguously by Google, and by Matt Cutts, in writing and on video (there are other threads here with links to those blogs/videos), and as mentioned in almost every SEO textbook ever published, I think, top level domain extensions don't affect SEO in any way.

        There may be various factors which one should/might/can take into account in choosing between a .net and a .org, but SEO/ranking potential isn't one of them.
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