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Okay, what do you do when you offer your product for free to people in exchange for their honest review of your product and only one person takes you up on it?

That's what's happened to me. I offered my product for free in the Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement Forum because my product is in a niche that best fits that forum topic. I indicated that I'd give them my latest product and ask for their honest review (good, bad, or ugly) and perhaps use some of them as testimonials later. Upon receipt of their review I would then give them $395 worth of my products/services.

I had one person take me up on it. I was hoping for at least 12.

I really need some reviews. I thought offering the product free on this forum was a good way to get them. Hmmm...maybe I need to re-think my strategy.

Or, what suggestions do you folks have?

If anyone is interested in reading my original post, to offer feedback or suggestions, or to even find out if you're interested in it the offer (which is still open, by the way), then you can read it here:

Or, just send me a PM and I'll share it with you.

Thanks for taking the time to offer some suggestions, opinions, etc. on how I can get testimonials.

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    So are you saying you couldn't attract anyone to your offer?

    (Sorry, Mike, I couldn't resist. )

    I hope you find some willing participants here.
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    Nothing against you or your request in my case. I simply don't have two to three hours to block out to be able to give an honest review. If it really takes that long then maybe you could just offer chunks of the material to be reviewed? I did that for someone...he had something like 8 audios, I chose three or four and then gave feedback.
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    Your best testimonials will come from paying customers who were satisfied with their purchase. Usually, I just open up shop and after a few sales I'll email blast my customers and give them an incentive if they share their honest feedback.

    You can give them $X dollars of free products based on the type of testimonial they share (You'll get X for a written testimonial, X and Y for an audio, and X Y and Z for a video testimonial)

    Then you can just incorporate them on your sales page as they come in.

    What's tough about your situation is that you want a non-IM product reviewed and your asking for testimonials on an IM forum.

    Have you posted your request on a Forum tailored to your target buyers?
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    Also, just because it's free doesn't mean people jump on it. You need to be 'selling' through all your offers, free or paid.

    Write a short sales page on how an IMer would benefit from reviewing your product. If the realize that they might need this and that they'll have to pay for it then it's a slam dunk. If you can't tailor it to IMers then you need to post your offer in a more targeted forum.
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      Yes, I agree with what has been said.

      I personally love doing testimonials; the ones I do go in-depth and often include brief critiques. This is not a quick process.

      So I had to set limits - to pick and choose the products I do these "free for the product" testimonials. If the product is one I would enjoy or learn from or would help me professionally, then I'll take a look and do the testimonial. Otherwise, I have other more profitable ways to use my time.

      That's my own rational regarding what products I give testimonials on.

      In your original post, you came across as rather insistent. You set deadlines and told us it would take up to 3 or more hours to review. 3 hours @ $15 per hour [cheap for most professional IMers!] is $65 [okay, $45. So I'm not a math!] - so we need to step back and see if we have that kind of time to spend on a product like yours.

      And there have already been a number of posts and products on the Law of Attraction. My initial thought to your post was, Not Another One - Here We Go Again.

      Hope this helps,

      "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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        Originally Posted by dorothydot View Post

        3 hours @ $15 per hour [cheap for most professional IMers!] is $65 -

        3 hours @ $15 is not $65. Unless we're talking Euros here...including the tip

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          Thanks for the posts and feedback!

          Where I thought I was being informative about how much time I thought it would take and letting people know what I was hoping to accomplish, others thought it might be too demanding, not be worth their time, and not have any benefit for them.


          "BEST WSO Offer for Mind Warriors - Increase Profits & Change your Life!"
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    i would be very happy to review your product so if you still need someone PM me with the details

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