Creating Online Courses (Membership or One-Time Course)

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Hi again...

I have a floating JV idea right now with a pro-photographer to start a online video course on different niche topics.

I handle the tech and business side of things, he handles the content.

Some background:

- The course was supposed to be taught physically, he was supposed to travel from his country to teach a bunch of photographers here in Singapore through a local 'agent'.
- The course will take a full day with photoshoot and computer training (it's mainly a fashion photography related course)
- The course was cancelled indefinitely because the 'agent' didn't push through and basically didn't know how to market.
- In line with the previous point, the photographer doesn't have the business know-how to promote himself overseas as well (he's doing well enough locally though).

I'm offering him a chance to offer the same training but online. The rationale would be a wider-reaching audience, potential for recurring income, same amount of work but can be reused over and over.

Naturally, it'll be decent income for me as well as a partner.

I haven't done anything like this before so I'm wondering if you guys can chime in:

1) Should it be a one-time course (spread out over a few days/weeks) or a membership-type of program?

Note that part of the original, physical course was the student will get to have 1:1 shooting sessions with him. I'm thinking that as a replacement, cheat sheets and active email/forum mentoring should suffice.

2) What platform do you think is best for doing this? WP enough?

3) Where to store the video files? I'd assume that standard HG/BH hosting won't cut it... Budget's pretty tight to commit to more expensive hosting though, but if the numbers work out, we'll still consider it.

I may have more questions in a couple of days, but right now, that's all I need to know.

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