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Hello Warriors,

I am new to list building. I am planning to offer my members a high quality content. So I thought of creating my own eBooks (20-30 pages) and sell it for a low price (around $10). One eBook a month so that I can concentrate on quality.

The high quality and low price will keep them on buying new eBooks.

A simple calculation: If I could have a 5% buying rate, then I can make half a dollar from each member per month, which is quite fine for me.

The problem is how do I get fresh and interesting material for my eBooks and for my autoresponder? Does anybody have an idea how to make my reseach?
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    There are lots of resources online. You must conduct preliminary research before you start on anything. Collect or procure enough resources and try to combine and rewrite them. Hiring a writer for this job is a good idea if you are out of time or busy enough to do this. Also, if you could create an interesting ebook cover, it would definitely be a plus.
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    1) Go to Amazon dot com and find a book on the subject you wish to write about.
    2) Copy the table of contents of this book and use this as an outline for your research.
    3) Research the key points featured in your outline and write your eBook.

    You could also outsource number 3, and give your outsourcer the outline as a guide to help the writing process.
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    Plan it like a year-long newsletter, each month covering a different topic. Then, when each month comes along, you go out and find the material.

    Or you could pre-write them, depending on your topic(s)

    Unless your subject is current affairs, that is. Then they've really got to be fresh. Other then that, opinions, strategies, techniques, etc., are not that sensitive to fluctuations.

    These you can pre-write (then again, when I said not that sensitive, it doesn't mean you write about how to maximize the speed of your 1940s manual typewriter -- unless you're writing for avid typewriter collectors or restorers)

    Inspiration is not the answer in this situation. Pre-planning is.

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    Hang out where real people hang out.

    Find out what they're talking about (ie. the hottest and most recurring threads), go to Amazon and find the hottest selling books and read the real life reviews.

    When you start to sell, survey your list and ask them what you can do to help - turn those questions into a product.

    I once heard a story about Alex Mandossian. He was at a seminar writing lots of notes and someone asked how it was going. He said it was great - he had so many product ideas from the QUESTIONS the audience were asking.
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    • Consider using some high quality PLR to get the book started. Add some updated research and rewrite it in your own style. Boom!
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    Go to amazon or clickbank and find the look for a niche that you want. Then copy the outline of the ebook for your guide and find the exact keyword/s and then start writing the contents.
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    You can take a look at high converting niche products on clickbank.
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    I think PLR is a good place to start. Try to get something that's pretty good quality- not something that looks old, outdated, and like it's been around the block :rolleyes:

    If you don't want to go that route, here are a few places to do some research:

    -Yahoo! Answers (find some forums in your niche) (see what people are digging!)
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    There are so many places that you can do research. Forums are a good place, if you go to a forum in your niche and see what the hot topics are and also any problems people are facing.

    If you go to Answer sites (such as Yahoo Answers) go to your niche topic and see what frequent questions people are asking and then look to answer them (by writing an ebook).

    Go to Amazon/Clickbank and see what books are doing well.

    Get PLR articles in your niche, update them and put them in an order to create your own product.

    Good luck
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    I go where my target audience goes, and listen to what they're saying - for better and for worse.

    If you pay attention, they'll tell you want they want, what they'll pay for - but often they don't/can't express it well.

    If I'm only guessing, I'll ask my list! That usually works!

    Frankly, as often as not, their suggestions and comment make great topics for an article or a series of articles.

    Many times they've already found a solution, tool, or technique that's working well. Why ignore the rave?

    You'll have to decide which are potential products, which would be better as a bonus report for your subscribers, and which might be better as an opt-in autoresponder series.
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      Definitely check out books and magazines for anything already written for ideas. PLR can be a spark as well.The greatest place IMHO is to find out where your audience is hanging out read what they are talking about such as issues, problems, pains, or anything that needs a solution. Even if they have a solution you can use that as there are invariably a lot of people who haven't heard of it. Another side look is that even if they know the solution and you write about it they see your writings as validation for their point of view. It works.
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    Google is the best place to find good information.
    However, if you want to outsource your research, I happen to offer that as one of my services. I can do the research for you and save you time and then you can simply write the ebook. OR if you really want to go the whole hog, I could even write the book for you too.
    Let me know if you want more information.
    There is a definite skill to doing proper research.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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      I like conducting surveys. Ask them exactly what they want to learn about then give it to them. It's the best kind of research you can do. Give your people what they want.
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    U know very well about at which topic u write ur e-book & u have to maximum 3 year experience on that field because u r easily writing the book.U also expertise in ur field so people understand ur book.
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