Get Motivated and Get Results!

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Hey Guys the title of the thread really sums it up,

I had an idea for a new site over the weekend, believed in it and took action. I got on the phone to my website designer told him what I wanted and he got it done within 48 hours.

While he was doing that I started promoting the site with a mini pre-launch on Monday and I have already had over 500 email opt ins.

The site doesn't go live till next week so im expecting for a lot more interest!

Just to give you a little hint, the site is in the video games niche and if you are a gaming fan you will you will know that there are a couple of red hot games coming out soon

So guys get motivated and you will get the results! (some times not instantly but they will come). And don't forget some hard work aswell, well unless you have a good outsourcing team

Anyone else feeling the buzz this week and reaping the rewards???
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    This is very true!

    What's amazing is that if you know what you're doing, a few hours of work can lead to a great business online.

    It just takes 2 things-

    1) A good, proven system
    2) Focused action!

    Seriously, most of my best income streams happened by accident with a few hours of work- crazy how that works.
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    success loves speed, anytime I have had an idea for a product, created it and had it for sale in under 48 hours it has always sold a ton of copies
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    woow amazing .. thanks for the idea ..
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    Well done!

    I think that if you have an idea you should try and act on it immediately when the idea is still on your mind your motivation should be at it's highest. When you can see progress it should motivate you to continue!
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    You are correct! You have to work hard to get the best result of whatever you are venturing.
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    You are absolutely right . . . I am one to take massive action, and to really see results you really have to do that.

    that is how you separate yourself from the other guys
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    Oh yeah, I'm feeling the buzz this week. Maybe I should try the IM niche(funny isn't it).
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