Pay for Facebook Posts / Tweets?

by momo3
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I get all my traffic via SEO.

And I've foudn social media to not really jive with my direct-response way of marketing.

But I was wondering -- are there any services that pay people to post on their social media outlets?

I realize these could be very spammy and ineffective, and I realize tracking my results will be difficult... but... are there any services that do this?

I do see there are some on Google but are tehre any that stand out in better quality?
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    You can look to Fiverr for such services.
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    You will find services like this at Fiverr.
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    I have used a few of these on fiverr before but to be honest i wouldn't bother they are mostly worthless.

    Your money would be much better spent of some ppc, banners or something else.
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      I have paid a couple of times to the Facebook page with 200,000 fans to post the message. It was a contest. I have increased the number of followers a little, but the traffic to website was quite low.

      It is interesting, but sending a message to user group with 1000 members has brought me more traffic than ads in 200,000 fans page. This experience proves that ads in FB is great for facebook page promotion, but not website or landing page.

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    Just invest some time on you niche forums and add some good content, its better than useless Social Media services.
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    If I have Fan page with a large number of fans, can I charge a business to post about their product/service on my Fan page?

    I would assume this is against Facebook's TOS?
    However I just want to be certain, so would really appreciate your answers.

    Thanks in advance!
    (Sorry to revive an old thread!)
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    I don't think it goes against their TOS. One of the major selling points of pages is that you have free license to advertise on the page itself. There are tons on people on fiverr and other clone sites doing just that. Although more often than not the responses you get from one of these gigs is rubbish. I guess they over promote and/or do not have an active page.

    By active page i mean user interaction not owner posting action. A Page with 500 active fans is worth more than a page with 10000 inactive fans any day for promotion purposes.
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    You can try service like sponsored tweets etc. I found paid tweets better than paid facebook posts (if any)

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