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• What is the best way to distribute a digital product? Do you guys email links that are hosted somewhere else (like mega-upload) or do you let them download from your site? Or, is it better to have them stream, and give them the option to download if they want?

• Also, what are your methods for protecting your files? Do your links expire? Do you give out username & passwords to access?

- Russell
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    I did more research looks like Amazon S3 is the way to go, some people are recommending e-junkie... Can anyone recommend anything else?
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    I use e-junkie for my PLR store. I have the downloads set to expire after 3 attempts or 24 hours. It works great with PayPal, and has a monthly fee based on the number of products you have. You can find a free 75 day coupon code for it as well (can't remember now where I got it from).
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    E-Junkie is definitely a favorite on the Warrior Forum as it is simple to use and has competitive prices. I have heard DLGuard and payloadz also been discussed here.
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      Several other alternatives are DPD (Digital Product Delivery), 1ShoppingCart, RAP, and Big Commerce. All of them can deliver your digital files.


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    Hi guys,

    I'm the owner/developer of DLGuard, so happy to help if you have any questions about it.

    The best method of distributing your files depends a lot on what you're offering.

    How many files/products are you offering? And how large are the files?

    You'll find systems like EJunkie can get very expensive with their monthly fees when you grow your business and end up with a lot of products, or larger files.

    Amazon S3 is a great when you're offering larger files, or for high traffic websites. If you use a system like DLGuard that integrates directly into Amazon S3 (ie. not just redirect the customer to an Amazon link, which isn't secure), then you've got your security as well as rock solid downloads that won't affect your own website hosting server performance.

    The benefit of DLGuard is there aren't any monthly fees, and you aren't restricted with things like the size of your files, or how many products you offer.

    I hope this helps!

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