Do Traffic Generators Really Work?

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Has anybody experienced having a flood of visitors to their site thru traffic generators like traffic swarm, traffic digger, cash juice, smart traffic, traffic toolbar, freenetleads and so?

I tried to use them but none came from them. I believe they will only work as long as you already have a lot of optin list. but for newbies without an optin list, you can hardly use them.
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    They're full of newbies who don't know any better, so if you're catering to the IM beginners you can potentially pick up some subscribers to your list, but even Robert Puddy who owns a couple says the CPM of a traffic exchange is about one-tenth of normal PPC traffic.

    Some people have success with them, but if you're willing to put in ungodly amounts of work you could have success with just about anything and there are other methods that are more effective for less effort.
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      For the most part, they don't work because people don't know how to use
      them properly.

      For one thing, if you're not in the IM make money niche, don't bother with
      them because the people there are not interested in anything but getting
      traffic to their site.

      The key to making these things work, especially traffic exchanges like
      Traffic Swarm, is to offer them a free report on generating traffic. Do this
      through a short, above the fold splash page with opt in.

      That's your best shot at making these things profitable.
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      Originally Posted by Melkor View Post

      Some people have success with them, but if you're willing to put in ungodly amounts of work you could have success with just about anything and there are other methods that are more effective for less effort.
      You were right about the first part of your post, but completely wrong on this part. The thing that makes these traffic sources good is because they require so little work and effort (and investment).

      As Steven said, you just have to know how to use them - and yes, they are only for selling shovels, but that is a HUGE market.
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    Most of this traffic comes from PTC sites i mostly prefer organic & PPC traffic.
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    Thank you for your replies Melkor, Ethan and Steven
    Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    I think that all the automated
    systems were effective at some
    point in the past when created.

    Over time become useless
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      I agree with Steven as far as giving away some type of report on how to get more traffic, but I think you need to also have a good OTO for a low priced product after they sign up. I have built list using TE's in the past and most of those subscribers never bought anything, so by having a OTO you will have a small buyers list which should be willing to buy from you in the future if you build a good relationship with them .

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      To be honest i never tried them friend.. but i dont think they will be useful
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    I prefer not to use them as they are not very targeted traffic
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    TE 'credits' are cheaper than PPC traffic but it converts at a lower rate most of the time. If you're after a decent ROI on your time you'd better know what you're doing I think.

    Same as any other method, really. There's a learning curve.

    I notice that Puddy has a new course out on how to use exchanges properly. I'm pretty sure that if you're interested in learning how to really work them he's the person most qualified to teach you.
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    I think for the most part, trafficing generators do work but is not the most affective at bringing in customers.
    I personally think physically marketing or ppc would be more productive
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      I ran some tests recently by upgrading to PRO for 1 month
      in Traffic Swarm and advertising my Free recession Income
      report on there. Maybe I got a few opt-ins... it's still running
      I think but I'm even more underwhelmed than I was in the
      past by Traffic Exchanges.

      People are now buried in offers of free reports and free video
      courses and free money-making plans it's getting pretty goofy
      down there in Traffic Hell.

      Not recommended to mess with it much. Now it's better to
      position yourself with a blog or something and just work at
      getting people to like you. I'm no admirer of FaceBook strategies
      but I honestly feel it's probably a better bet than the old
      traffic exchanges.
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    Usually the people telling you not to use them, or that they don't work aren't using them properly.

    This is a major problem in my industry and something lots of us try very hard to teach...How to use traffic exchange properly.

    I use them for two things only...Branding my name and building my list. The two B's of traffic exchange advertising. That's all you should be doing. Not trying to sell, not to get 'clicks', not to get people to join the latest greatest program.

    They work, they work VERY well and have for over a decade. Are they filled with 'newbies'? Absolutely....The people that do best with T.E.'s know this and advertise accordingly.
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    I have very little experience with TEs and it didn't product any results for me, but I received an email earlier about, which, judging by the testimonials is all about getting loads of traffic from TEs.

    I don't know much about them, except that I'm sure they work well for people who know how to use them. For people who have no experience getting traffic in any of its forms, then traffic exchanges are a huge waste of time.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    So what's better for people to do? I mean, in my program alone, just ONE program I own, I get around 400 new members join every single week. That's 400 plus fresh faces, fresh names, brand new people getting their feet wet.

    Across the traffic exchange industry you are looking at thousands of new people every week...

    We are bringing these people in...Savvy marketers would KNOW this and learn to advertise to them.
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    Some great posts, I use TG's primarily for building my list, which I think is the best of traffic exchange advertising can do. If you're looking at building a good solid listing of prospectives, that's all you should be doing. In my experience the listings are full of new prospectives, eager for new information, so target your advertising in this regard and advertise accordingly. Hope this helps!
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