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I read in one of the amazon courses that they tell to use a product model number domain, but without the brand name. They even show that it gets lots of searches. Does this infringe upon copyright or is it fine to have a product model number domain without the brand name in it? I also see that many don't use this method and lot of exact product model number domains are available which also have decent search volume.
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    If you create a domain targeting only model # you'll be hard pressed to make it a long term success. Model #s come and go, and the exact same item will have different model #s for different retailers (Best Buy vs Office Depot, as examples).

    In otherwords, as soon as the model # is pulled from the shelf, or changed because of an improvement, all your work is now obsolete and almost worthless. If you have made a decent ROI on that site it will not necessarily mean it will work for the next site you try using that domain model.

    If your site is a little broader such that your backlinks can point to relevent pages that can adapt over time you then can build a much more sustainable business on the web. Having everything devoted to the short term is well...short term.

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