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I currently have a few niche sites and earn monthly from adsense and amazon.

I am really wanting to ramp up my earnings by am getting quite fed up with waiting for sites to rank and google algo changes.

I am thinking about using paid traffic but, compared to niche ppc, have mo idea where to start. What sort of site is it best to direct paid traffic to, and what is the beat way to monetize, is adsense still enough to cover costs.

I realise this is a big question but if anyone can help then please reply here or pm.

Thanks a lot
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    I would try 7Search.com. The reason I say that, is because you don't want to be spending more than 10 cents per click when you are generating traffic. If you are only getting paid 5-10% per sale with Amazon, you can go into the red pretty quick. 7Search.com allows you to put a minimum bid of 1 cent per click and still get a crazy amount of impressions. Paid traffic is one of the fastest ways to scale out a business and make some serious money in a short period of time. You don't have to wait for search engine to rank you. You pay and you get traffic.
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    You might consider Bidvertiser.com - you get $20 to get you started, and this is enough to know whether you've got a flop or a winner with your ad.

    As for directing the traffic there are two schools:

    1. Definitely to a squeeze page which is the entrance to your sales funnel
    2. Directly to the landing (offer page).

    Method 1 may help you build a list which you can use many times. Method 2 may give you more immediate sales but that's it.

    Your choice
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    Monetizing paid traffic with amazon or adsense would be tough. Arbitrage can work, both there's just not enough meat on the bones, so to speak. You'll be better off monetizing with a product or service of some sort.
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    7search and bidvertiser have been waist of time for us, but then again it does not hurt to test these things. I think it depends on your niche.

    I would go for the BIG G, yahoo and MSN adcenter....traffic is much more targeted, and better quality.

    and do what robert says, send all your traffic, free and paid to a squeeze page. building a list in the IM world is rule number one. You cannot win without a list. Trust me.
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