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Hi, I am just starting with Rapid Action Profits. I am modifying the templates. My question is, should I have a home page for my domain, or does rapid action profits include that too.

Before I bought Rapid Action Profits I had already uploaded a home page, and a sales page for my first item. Should I take those down. I write and selling ebooks, and am going to try Allen's idea of $7.00 dollar ebooks in his Hot Reports.

The way I understand it, Rapid Action Profits templates is where I will put all the sales pages for the different ebooks, but what about the home page.

I was going to have a home page with a paragraph about the site, and covers and links for all the books to the respective sales pages.

Any help will be appreciated. Glenn
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    Rap provides a sales page template so you can keep your home page.

    Just install RAP in a subdirectory and link to your products running on RAP from your home page in your sub directory.

    Frank Bruno
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        frank and oliver pretty much covered it, remember dont touch the index page within the templates and use a sub directory to install RAP.

        RAP has a good forum and they respond pretty quick with installation questions.

        Good luck
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          Hey Glen,

          RAP is a good script and can be used for a lot of things with some reconfiguration, but it is primarily for selling and delivering a single product. I don't think it was intended as a template for building a full-blown site.

          If you want to sell multiple items from your site, you will need to build an index page that is separate from RAP (Just like you would for any site) if you like, you can look at the site in my signature.

          I simply used tables to catalog the items for sale and then set up buttons to redirect to the various RAP folders that contain the salespages for the items.

          Feel free to use my site as a template if you like.

          I hope this helped some...

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