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Optimize Press used to be my "baby" but Im getting kind of tired of the quirks - is there a good EVEN BETTER alternative ???
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    Anyone tell me why this "Profits Theme" looks EXACTLY like Optimize press ???

    Internet Marketing WordPress Theme | WordPress For Internet Marketers

    Watch the video it looks like a P.Label of optimize press ?? What is it, off the shelf code ?
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    Hey everyone--
    I have BOTH Optimize Press AND Welly's Profits Theme and they are BOTH good, but methinks Profts Theme has the cooler edge when it comes to sheer DESIGN kudos...it just LOOKS better--neater, cleaner...I know what you mean about the quirks in OP...also Welly's Premium List Magnet just rocks da house...so, I use 'em both...but if I had to choose ONE I would go with Profits Theme (plus their support is great)..my 2 cents...

    "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    Hmmmm is the integration with DAP and wishlist the same? Is there a good video based support area? Thanks
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    I'll 2nd Profit's Theme. It does a lot and does it reasonably well:

    - comes with multiple "skins"
    - membership software
    - link cloaked
    - optin / list building

    It does have videos for training.

    Honestly, this is the one of the more intuitive wordpress themes out there.

    I'm very happy with it.
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    One more vote to Profits Theme. The theme is very versatile and the support is top notch.
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    There's a really awesome alternative and it's been available for quite some time now. HTML and CSS. Yes, that's right. Why not get a nice design done in Photoshop and then pay someone to turn that PSD into HTML. I'm a little tired of seeing all the same looking websites out there nowadays because of these programs like Optimize Press. Be unique and stand out. Optimize Press is very limited in what you can do.
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    What are the quirks about OptimizePress that bother you? I haven't found any yet.
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    It's design limitations. I can very quickly tell when I land on a website whether it's been built with Optimize Press or not. They are all starting to look the same which is not a good thing.
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    I agree with WillR that it is very obvious when a site has been built using Optimize Press and it has become very common these days. On the other hand I guess it proves that it works at least!

    Another option that I use quite a lot is the Thesis theme because it can very easily be customised to look any way you wish and is also SEO friendly.
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    Kajabi: Time management/Personal Productiviy Tools For Your Business | Double Time Today

    Also other alternatives are: Landing Page Robot and JVPress Theme

    Kindle Publishers: Get Reviews and More Sales to Your Kindle Books at http://GettingPublishedFast.com/publishers/

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      I own Optimize Press and Profits Theme, although I have only used OP. I think it's great, but yeah a few quirks here and there.

      I really like WP Sales engine as an alternative because it's a plugin NOT a theme so I can use a theme i really like while still getting the marketing perks. The pages aren't quite as sharp looking as those created with OP, but I still love the flexibility it offers!

      It IS more expensive than either OP or Profits theme though (pretty sure anyway).
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    Ive been doing HTML and CSS for years although I love to design in Photoshop I like the ease of OP in building stuff fast. For me it works - the limitations are a bummer but for me truly those limitations are simply spacing issues with bulleted lists and such - truly every time I do a OP site I still spend a lot of time in Photoshop - AND when it comes right down to it - I guarantee you I could build an OP site and you would have NO CLUE that it was OP - What your sick of seeing is OP sites with little to no customization. Maybe Ill give profit theme a try.
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    mhdeaton - do you work for clients or only for your own sites?
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    Isnt there some sort of OP clone called fusionq or something like that?
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      Originally Posted by Kevin_Hutto View Post

      Isnt there some sort of OP clone called fusionq or something like that?

      Fusionhq is not a clone of OP, it is an ORIGINAL product, developed and owned by Leon Jay.

      It has built in

      Run Unlimited membership sites
      Run Your own Unlimited Affiliate Programs
      Design Sales Funnels using drag and drop, link
      Complete delivery platform
      Unlimited site designs using provided templates or upload your own
      Complete drag and drop capabilities to build sites very quickly.
      Plus tons more features

      It is not Wordpress, but custom built on its own Platform, it is not limited by designs, as you can add as many custom templates as you wish, and its very easy to use once you get the hang of it.
      All you do is just drag and drop to build sites. (Basically what WillR said but without the HTML CSS option just drag drop into your template)

      You don't see it mentioned much, because its closed, and is full at the moment, but on occasion Leon opens it up as space becomes available but those spaces get snatched up very quickly.

      He just completed a workshop here in Thailand for current Fusion HQ Members.

      An EXCELLENT option if you can get in.

      You can get on the list by visiting FusionHQ

      Kickin it on Amazon

      Gaz Cooper
      Amz Training Academy

      Beginners Guide to getting started in CRYPTO, FREE Ebook on a Massive Opportunity as the World shifts to Digital payment http://amzauthorityzone.com

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    +1 for profits theme... it does pretty much anything
    Looking to buy Facebook accounts. PM me!
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    @ Chris - Just my sites Chris

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    +1 for profits theme...

    Everytime I use it, I love it more...

    @Willr, You're right... you and I may easily be able to spot a website on PT or OP but the same cannot be said for an average visitor in a niche outside IM. They see a site that's clean, well laid out and easy to interact with. I don't think they care, as long as it serves their purpose

    Whats more is that webmasters only had to invest a fraction of time and money into building it. I see your point going for custom HTML and CSS for larger projects. But I personally wouldn't want to put in time nor money for a custom design for a site that's intended to serve a small/medium niche.

    and btw, Profits theme has quite a few customization options already that let you stand out (to a degree)...
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      Can't say anything negative about OP just yet. Started working it a few weeks ago. There are definitely some nuances.

      I'm using OP for the Member and Sales page flavors and they are clean and easy thus far.

      It's integration with DAP has been darn near flawless as well.

      Scott Blanchard's efforts on ClickBump are solid as well.

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      Originally Posted by asimbawany View Post

      @Willr, You're right... you and I may easily be able to spot a website on PT or OP but the same cannot be said for an average visitor in a niche outside IM. They see a site that's clean, well laid out and easy to interact with. I don't think they care, as long as it serves their purpose
      I understand that. The problem comes when someone gets scammed by a site using the Optimize Press look which a lot of these make money online sites are using. They are then going to be a lot more skeptical about any other sites they come across using the same design.

      HMTL and CSS is not difficult at all. It can all be outsourced these days for next to nothing. Each to their own I just prefer to use more customized looks for my projects.
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    The reason why Profits Theme and OptimizePress sites or pages look similar is because these are tried and true landing page layouts that lead to the highest conversions. We are all in this space so of course we are tired of seeing the same ole layout. You can always try something new but I prefer to let others do the testing.
    I personally prefer Profits Theme because I think it does more and may be a little more versatile. Both are really great so I don't think you will be disappointed with either.
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    Kajabi is way better than Optimize Press
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    Notepad++ or Textwrangler for Mac!

    I'm with Will on this one.

    Unless you're doing a full on PLF type launch it's overkill to use OP or even wordpress - and I love wordpress.
    For the usual work of opt-in, download, sales or thank you pages, a good set of templates and a text editor beats the others hands down for getting the project done.
    So long as the templates are decent and not some PLR crap with graphics thrown at it to make it look good in the sales page.
    Combined with a little CSS knowledge you can easily accomadate most things you need doing.
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    Oh yeh

    and I'm not just saying that coz I've got templates in my sig dammit!
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    FYI, FusionHQ has opened it's doors. There are some exciting updates coming in the next few weeks too.

    FusionHQ Affiliate Manager

    FusionHQ - Drag and Drop Marketing Platform For Non-Techies.
    Everything you need in one, easy to use location.

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    I like OptimizePress, Profits Theme alike. They're both coded very well BUT Profits Theme has one major advantage. It serves as a Membership site manager out of the box that integrates with Paypal and Clickbank. That means no extra plugins to buy. Everything is self-contained. If you're just getting started, that pushes your $97 the extra yard.

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