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I have nearly finished my first e-book which is of use to IM Newbies it is esentially everything I have put into place to make me money and be successful in IM (Successful ish - im still working full time)

I was wondering what is the best way to get my book out there, I know I can put it on click bank but how do I get it noticed? I will offer 75% comission of whatever the value is to be.

What sort of purchase price would you put on it? What sort of sales can you expect on clickbank?

If I was to offer it up here for review to certain people would this help?

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    One of the things I would suggest is to study how the big "Guru's" do their launches. Affiliates are mainly looking for products with high gravity on Clickbank to promote. The way you get high gravity is to do a large scale launch where you have plenty of people sending it out to their list.

    Look for different JV websites where you can post your launch date and sign up affiliates. Also, you might want to check out the WSO's available for doing a proper launch. One of the big things is running an affiliate contest where you give out cash or other prizes to the affiliates that sell the most in the first month.

    Additionally, you might want to start out offering your eBook as a WSO and then using the money you make from that to work on a full scale Clickbank launch.

    Just a few thoughts that came to my head... Best of luck with your eBook!

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    I think a WSO would be better for many reasons. First of your offer will instantly get in front of thousands of internet marketers. Also a WSO is not a simple sales page like in clickbank but a thread where you will get a lot of review which is social proof that your product is good and increases convertion rates. And keep in mind that if you have a successfull WSO you gain some reputation among warriors which will help you in the next WSO.

    As for the price, only split-testing can tell you what price is best.

    I would also give some review copies to some well-trusted warriors I think it will help you get some feedback.
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    Mattie1, ideally you'd start selling your ebook before you complete it.

    Here's the info product development process:

    * Find a market which buys stuff online;

    * Develop a product specifically for a need expressed by that market;

    * Start promoting your ebook while you're creating it, to the market you've chosen. Usually this is done by getting attention, and offering a freebie, so that you get interested prospects onto a list.

    ClickBank can only help you if your market is already aware of you, and if you're making sales.

    Affiliates devote time and money to their campaigns. So, a new CB product, with zero sales, won't interest them, no matter how good it is. It's all about sales. This is why you see big launches -- to kickstart sales.

    Stop working on your ebook now, and start promoting NOW. CB can only help you if you help yourself, first.

    Re reviews. The OP said: "If I was to offer it up here for review to certain people would this help?"

    Sure, it would help you to create the sales page. However, you need to get people TO the sales page first, before they can be convinced by the reviews.

    In a nutshell:

    Find market => Get attention => Get prospects => Get sales.

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      I have to agree with Mitsakis, that a WSO is a great way to launch an ebook. If you want to test out the quality of your ebook before you launch it, take out a section and offer it as a free WSO and ask for feedback. That way when you launch your actual paid version, you will already have people anticipating your product on the market. The fact that you gave away a piece of your information for free will make people want to give you positive feedback as a way to say thanks. However, if you are getting an unfavorable response from the free report, you will be able to gauge what you may need to change. Not to mention the added bonus is that you will also be helping to build your list!

      Hope this helps,

      - Jen
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      You might try tradebit or payloadz or E-Junkie I have sold so many e-books its crazy people are hungry for information of course I had experience as a ghost writer in the past so I know exactly where you need to be.................can you say Pay pal.

      keep 100% of the profits you make
      If you build it they will come! The LSI Specialist
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    I would actually do a WSO first and depending on how well it's received, refine it and put it on clickbank. If it's really good keep adding to it (upsells, continuity, coaching, etc.)

    Basically, gauge the response from the market before invest your time/money/resources.

    Good luck!
    Looking to buy Facebook accounts. PM me!
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    I have to agree with some of the others. I think Clickbank is a bit too much for you to take on right out of the starting gate. It would be unpleasant to go through all of the trouble to set it up and then have it not do well.

    Doing a WSO is going to allow you to test the waters. Maybe put out a report that is based on certain sections of your book. Give some information, but reserve the best stuff for your ebook. Offer the report for free and link it to your ebook, which you can easily put up on E-junkie and sell. Money goes directly into your paypal account.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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      How do you get it noticed?

      1. Start blogging around your topic, you want to begin attracting traffic and that means SEO, blogging and list building

      2. Proactively approach potential affiliates - you want to study some active IM lists, blogs, and forums that promote affiliate products and offer a review copy of your ebook that can be leveraged into an affiliate offer...I did this with my first ebook and had 12 very strong affiliates right out of the gate. From this, I sold more than 100 copies at $47-$67 (there was an optional upsell) the very first time.

      3. Write articles, issue press releases and begin to build a social networking profile - these will all bring you additional targeted traffic

      Hope that helps,

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    As well as promoting your ebook you need to start to build credibility for yourself as an authority. Some great ways to do this are through blogs. Find other blogs relevant to your topic and start to post some insightful and original comments on them. Show that you have a knowledge of the subject. After doing that you could also begin to develop a relationship with the blog owner and offer to write some guest posts.
    All this will get you noticed and get you some credibility.
    Good luck and good on you for actually writing your ebook!
    Many people start but very few finish. You will do well..
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