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Hi guys. Those who may know me from previous pets, know that I am a busking magician. I discovered IM a couple of years ago, and have, since then, ratified my ideas and business model. I'm in the process of forward planning for my web based tv 'news' show, online magazine, and marketplace. Taking one element at a time to get it up 'n' running before the next. Lose focus otherwise.
Anyway, in my offline world, as an magician/entertainer, I auditioned for Australias Got Talent, and have got through to the televised heats.

Mass exposure like that could be good for driving traffic online. Heck, even if it's just one heat, and don't get through to the next.

I have a cunning plan...?

I see from these types of shows, footage is posted on good ole YouTube, so I should get my footage readily available and then drive from there, either to the magic effect I perform, to my website and to a a funnel.

Don't think wearing a t shirt emblazoned with my site would be allowed, but in watching previous shows online (Penn and Tellers Fool Us) there has been huge spikes on YT with some of the more savvy contestants, benefitting $$ from the exposure.

Do any of you guys have other ideas in how I could further be edit.

I've done TV before, and am none to phased by it, and have no allusions in winning (difficult for a production company to market and profit from), but do wish to maximize the traffic that may be generated as a exult of that exposure.

Any advice would be welcome.


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    Awesome sounds good.

    I would really have a look at old Youtube footage, and see what the judges have liked and not liked. That will help you. .

    Do not do what this guy did. LOL

    P.S. Do not be alarmed the vid is a fake.
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    Good ole Simon Cowell, bumping up the ratings. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm more interested in how to drive that tv audience down my funnel though ( sound salacious) and being a (paid subscriber) I have thoughts on it...using my YT channel and paring replies to any other YT user who puts it online...

    Did the guy really shoot himself. I'll google it now...

    Thanks again
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    Sounds fun, good luck! Maybe you can promote magician kits and stuff like that for people who want to learn that stuff for fun? For example maybe you drive traffic from YT to your site where you have some other vids showing how to do some tricks, get them opted in somehow, and then promote magician stuff.
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    if its live and you know your not going to win, just blurt out your website in the end of your act.
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    Hi Bill, It will air in April, after 4 episodes of my tv channel are online by then. The tv 'show' is inspired by Andrew Locks web based tv show, and is the start of the 'funnel'.

    Don't fancy organizing drop shipping but keep it all online, and sell/market downloadable content. Thanks for the input though. As the buskers motto says...get them to stop stay, watch and pay...


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    On Penn & Tellers Fool Us, one of the magicians had over 250,000hits on YT ( at the last count), and had a direct to his website where those interested, could buy the effect he performed for $55US. Taking 0.5% as a minimum conversion, he could have pulled in over $65,000. Good money,but a residual, recurring $$ would be better...

    And Thanks nethead, I'm sure the production, even if live, could edit it out. Nice thought though

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    I'll be interested to see how this goes, and I'll be watching come April.

    Good luck mate
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    Ah, I hope you're in the Magic niche. That can be some good exposure for you

    "Click HERE to see how I made my way onto Australia's Got Talent as a successful magician!" (Post youtube proof on squeeze page or website)

    You can also mix the two niches if you want, magic and money making.

    Also, make a twitter before you go on there. You can gain mass followers, especially those interested in magic.
    "Grammar: The difference between knowing your sh*t, and knowing you're sh*t." -A Wise Man
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    I'm sort of in agreement with nethead. While I wouldn't advocate blurting it out, don't they always have them small interviews after the act? I mean I don't know how Australia does this version of the TV talent show but I've seen enough of Britain's Got Talent clips on YouTube to assume that interviews are a norm. Why not tell them about your site during then?
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    Now were cookin...'like gate' a report on how it all came to be. Create a story board and drip it...(maybe). As it all plays out, and revenue is generated !! record the process, which can then be sold on a different platform, as to how to do it.

    Interviews backstage is where I could make mention I'm sure...

    What I enjoy about this forum, is that fellow warriors are so helpful. I really do appreciate all of your input. Thanyou all

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