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4 month website with few good, unique articles written by me only but traffic is devastating. Only 10 unique visitors last month (Nov.)
Static HTML site...
Plz throw some lights in to it.

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    Have you done SEO?
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    • Originally Posted by Ray Wynn View Post

      Have you done SEO?
      Yea, what is your target market? Have you chosen your main keywords and then optimized your pages to rank in Google?

      Then have you focused on backlink building?
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    did you have any backlink?

    to make more traffic you can use social network marketing, such us fb, twitter, and youtube, share your new article to them..

    Social Media is a place for social activity, money is just an effect ;)
    Add me please >> fb.com/yuga.eko.37
    Thank you :)

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    It is best to provide more details before some useful insights can be brought to the matter
    anyway it is always preferrable to build dynamic websites via some CMS like wordpress. This will help a lot.
    If you have not done so, make a sitemap and submit it to google. It will help search engine to crawl

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    Article-Marketing is a long term marketing strategy. If you only have 1 -5 articles lying around that wouldn't do much good! People who have succeed in article-marketing usually have 500+ articles promoting their website - with different keyword! From at least 2 difference article directories.

    You just needa keep writing your articles! The more you write, the better it is

    Everyone who does article marketing have to go through this experience which you're experiencing now!

    Hope this help,
    Jeremiah Say

    P.S. The more the merrier!
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      Originally Posted by JeremiahSay View Post

      Article-Marketing is a long term marketing strategy. If you only have 1 -5 articles lying around that wouldn't do much good! People who have succeed in article-marketing usually have 500+ articles promoting their website - with different keyword! From at least 2 difference article directories.

      P.S. The more the merrier!
      500!? It is quite a lot!
      I think that is a long journey to go. =)
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    find some forums that are related to your niche, jump in them and put the URL in your signature. This will help get people from the niche to your site and hopefully spike some traffic a bit. Also it will be nice to get google to index your site from a few other websites for backlinks too.

    Go and do some social bookmarks based on the articles you have made on your site. Use sites like digg / reddit etc. google social monkee.

    I guarantee that if you do this, your traffic will go up alot.
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    I would use your signature in this forum more effectively. Create an opt-in list on an autoresponder service like Aweber or Imnica and then have a signup form on your blog.

    Offer them something for free like some useful graphics. Arrows, buttons etc that they can use. Does not have to be a lot.

    Then in your signature - Have something like this "Free graphics - Grab them now"

    Once they have signed up and confirmed, then they can download. Now you have visitors AND you are building a list.

    Just an idea.

    P.S. Take that voting thing out and rather put your optin form there.
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    Did you do keyword research? What is the exact searches per month you should be getting? What page is your website on?
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    I'm in a similar situation. My blogs been around for a month and I get spikes of visits each friday due to my "Babe of the Week" feature but the rest of the week is pretty pathetic. For example total new visitors this past Thursday were 34. Friday, once my feature posted and a mention from my featured person, traffic shot up to 600 new visitors and that is pretty low in comparison to what everyone else is seeing.

    I'm at a point now where I really need to figure out what I want to do. At this stage I'm not concerned about making money. I believe that will come in time. What I want right now is more traffic and people to read and comment to my articles. Ideally, I want to build a list of names that I can email to on a weekly basis but then the question becomes, what can I email them? I don't have anything "free" to give away.

    My niche is social commentary on the news (primarily entertainment) but I'm not sure how or what I can build from it.

    As for keywords and back links...no idea what the hell I'm doing. I get the concepts but I can't seem to make anything work. Granted it's only been a month and I need to stay the course but, I feel like I'm just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. When I read peoples posts it feels like you all have solid strategies in place.

    I need to know how to think more like that.
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    Long Term strategies like article marketing take time to build traffic. Guest blogging helps to build credibility and authority in your field and helps to build a network of other sources.

    For the fastest methods usually require a huge network of PPC or targeted email and if you are just getting started you may have to buy some of this traffic.

    There are a number of services available here that can help you do that.


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    Tough to say with what you've given. How many articles have you written? Are they of substance? What niche are you in? How's your link profile? This is the sort of information you need to be providing if you want some help.

    PM me if you'd like some more help.
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    have you made keyword research, and then wrote those articles with seo in mind? if yes, then just continue building links for few more months or outsource it...
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    I have found that it takes a fair amount of time for Google to start sending traffic to new sites. I have had better luck with Bing and Yahoo, indexing and sending traffic. In the mean time work on quality content and building backlinks.
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    I have 3 nitche websites, 2 of them are 'content rich' with articles on but didn't get noticed, i started some SEO and backlinking and started to see traffic.

    I was told backlinking isn't important in the early days of my website building, wish i ignored this sooner !

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    A few articles on one website are not going to have much of an impact if the articles themselves aren't total link bait containing info that can't be found anywhere else.

    You will definitely have to scale that up with tons more quality content. Think authority site.
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    Unless someone can find your site, traffic will remain nothing.

    You need links to your site from pages people are actually looking at, with links that are actually attractive to readers.

    SEO is a long-term play.

    For now, you should focus on building links on pages that people actually read.

    That is why article marketing is also a good long-term play, IF the content is worthy of people's attention.
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    I found out a long time ago
    that the answer to your questions regarding Traffic
    and others are found Here in the Warrior Forum.
    Just keep reading posts.
    If you join the War Room you'll receive all kinds of
    downloadable products on this subject.

    Best of luck TC.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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