How Do I Combine 5 Word 'Docs' Into an Ebook Using Open Office?

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I've searched google and here and hit a dead end. It may be painfully simple but not to me...

I have 5 fully illustrated and formatted Word documents that are meant to be lessons 1-5 of a course (PLR). I would like to combine (cocantenate) them into one document in Open Office and then save them as a pdf (that much I can do).

I've cut and pasted text into OO before and then formatted it to make pdf's, but I don't have any experience with what I'm trying to do.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't you just copy each doc and paste it into OO in the order that
    you want on the same long page and then make a pdf from it? I don't
    use OO myself so not sure what the problem would be.

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    I found this for OO. You need to create a "Master Document". This is from OO Help section.

    To Create a Master Document:
    1.Do the following:
    Choose File - New - Master Document.

    Make sure you save the master document once you've loaded a few documents.

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      I know what you mean...I've tried the copy & paste route, and when I do, Open Office will insert a blank page every other page of copy.

      Example: page of copy, blank page, page of copy, blank page...etc...

      And when I try to move the copy up to fill in the blanks, the formatting gets screwed to smithereenes.

      I'd love to hear the remedy to this. I am so frustrated with this program.

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    Have you ever tried the 'master document' technique suggested by Mike?


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    Instead of cutting and pasting, what happens if you simply right click on your documents, slect 'Open With', and then choose OO to open them instead of Word (or just 'File', 'Open' in OO)?

    What I mean is, does your formatting stay intact, and if so, could you simply save each document as an OO document and proceed from there?

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