How to redirect 600+ posts?

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Ugh! Tonight I was going through my sites for next year (ok, it is Christmas Eve AND my birthday, yet I am still doing IM!) Anyway, while I am waiting for Santa to arrive, I was looking at some of my older sites that I don't do anything with anymore.

This one site has about 600 auto posts that were using an old Amazon plugin. I no longer use the plugin and erroneously deleted it from the site sometime awhile back. So, all 600+ of these posts have the code for the button, but no plugin to make the code work. Don't know how I did that without ever noticing, but it is what it is....

Anyway, is there a simple way to delete the posts and redirect them to the home page or something? What would you do?

I am planning to redesign the site with a new Amazon plugin and then sell it, but I can't until I fix this issue....
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    You can delete all the posts and then add this to your htaccess:

    ErrorDocument 404
    That will redirect all the not found pages to your homepage.
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      Thanks... Any place in particular to add it in the htaccess?
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    I normally add ErrorDocument lines at the top of the htaccess, but I don't honestly remember if it matters about it being at the top or bottom with WordPress, sorry.
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    don't put a 404! 301 redirect the whole domain.
    full details here
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    If you 301 redirect everything to the homepage then you won't be able to create additional pages in the future because they will redirect as well, they are just wanting the content they removed to be redirected from my understanding.
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    Yep your right Chase but Google hates 404 pages. There is a script out there
    that allows you to manually 301 redirect every page to another url, it is time
    consuming though. oDesk might have someone who'll do it for like $50.00.

    Google: htaccess creator
    or something similar.
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    You can just use this plugin to do that easily with WordPress: WordPress › Redirection « WordPress Plugins

    However, that is still going to be very time consuming so you would definitely want to hire a freelancer.
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    You can delete all the posts and use any of this plugin to redirect posts to homepage. Don't know these plugins are working so you better try with one page. 404 to start, No 404 errors, Seo 404 .

    Recover Wordpress Hacked Blogs

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    Replace 404.php with

    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
    header("Location: ".get_bloginfo('url'));

    Start with deleting 1 post first to test, but should be good to go.

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      Not a redirect exactly, but would the search and replace plugin (I forget the exact name) work? Then you could use an "ad injector" plugin or something to "re-monetize" the posts with a generic ad.
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