MySpace Account 30K Views a Day and PR8

by lcube 3 replies
I have a MySpace account that gets about 30K views a day and has a page rank of 8. It kind of fell into my lap.

Besides selling the thing, what can I do with this. I have put ads on it, but I don't get much response because of that msplinks thing they use now. Anyone else have any ideas?
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  • How are you measuring pageviews? Since there isn't any Javascript allowed in a MS page?

    How many friends do you have? I've been paying a VA specializing in myspace to build my friends list and we're getting about 1 email sub for every 100 friend adds. But we are still tweaking the offer for the mailing list.
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      I am measuring page views within myspace. There is a place in there that tells you your total page views. You can also reset it.

      I am pretty ignorant when it comes to MySpace and just want to see if there is a way to use this account
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