Does article marketing work?! Check out this big name using AM ;-)

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Nothing super, mega fancy over here, but something worth talking about. I've noticed that a lot of people are wondering whether article marketing works and to be honest with you - it does.

I am not going to talk about myself, who cares about me? But check this out.

I don't know whether is a worldwide brand, but in UK they're spending millions of pounds on TV advertising and guess what?

They're submitting their articles to EZA!!!

I mean - these guys are getting hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website and they are still submitting their articles to EZA. Does it work for them? F*** knows, but it seems that they are using this marketing strategy ;-)

Alex Gregory - Expert Author (don't know whether this is allowed, don't ban meh pls)


Thank you for your time and keep working smart.


P.S. sorry for stupido post ;D thought it was interesting

edit: Maybe you've seen other BIG NAMES using article marketing? if yes - what are they?
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    Article marketing works for many reasons. First off, Whenever you post a new article, you signature and links are at the bottom. Second, as you post more articles, you are building up your sites exposure. As this happens, these article will be pushed to the top of all the major searching engines as long as you use key words. Key words are very important.

    I wish you success and keep up the hard work. Great Job,

    Jon Inocelda
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    Yes, both Eben Pagen (aka. David DeAngelo) and Ewin Chia use article marketing.
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      thanks for the tip! it seems that alot of people are saying article marketing works...
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    Yes, if you are willing to put forth the effort to keep consistently writing a lot of articles, eventually you are going to get results from it! That is how I made some of my first significant dollars online. I still haven't made very much online, but this was my first >$100 plan I had - it does work!
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