UPDATE: How To Create A Squeeze Page From Scratch

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OK Warriors...

A while back I posted a thread on how to create a squeeze page from scratch...

It was a BIG download link to a 200mb file...

Although appreciated, a few warriors had a problem with the download file...

So what I did was the following...

1) Converted SWF video files to AVI

2) Uploaded all 10 videos to Viddler.com

3) Created simple webpage displaying all the embedded videos.

Finally, here is...

How To Create a Squeeze Page From Scratch (10 Video Series)

Here is the URL to the videos

Watch Videos Here

Enjoy, and if anyone is experiencing problems, let me know...


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    Thanks for posting some good and important information. I also just wanted to add that when I create squeeze pages for my websites, I use my xsitpro software. If you us the letter style sales pages on xsitepro software, the templates are very clean and easy to use.

    I hope this added information can help others and also yourself.

    Keep up the hard work,

    Jon Inocelda
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    Don't get me wrong but, why bother when there are so many free opt-in page templates floating around?


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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