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Dear fellow warriors,

I'd be happy to receive some of your collective wisdom and ideas on how to better market an application for iPhone and android.

The application in question is this one:
App Store - Masters of Backgammon (paid version)
App Store - Masters of Backgammon Free (free version)

It is a backgammon game that you can play against AI or online. It also supports 3 languages: English, Russian and German.

Our company website is this 2KB Games

We are working hard to improve the application and make it best in the world in its field (meaning best backgammon online game/application).

We are already promoting it on forums, messaging sites, buying submissions on iPhone sites and so on.

Maybe you would have more original ideas or some more experience on how to promote products such as these?

This is our first serious app and it is selling pretty well. The quality is DEFINITELY there. The question is - how to better market it to a wider audience?

Here you can see the app in action:

This is how it looks on the device:

Thank you a lot and Happy New Year!
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    1. Many new text-based games have CPA-type offers which give their players "Credits" to take certain actions-- such as signing-up for Netflix or downloading another game or voting on a Topsite. Most of these game owners are making a lot less money than they thought they were going to, so advertising with them is effective and low cost.

    2. Most of those games also have forums.

    3. Be sure to create the FAQ and submit it to sites such as and similar sites

    4. Market in chess forums and other forums... In fact, many chess forums also have live chat features which can be very effective when used properly (i.e. NO spamming... use friendly conversations where you mention it "accidently on purpose")

    Keep in mind that backgammon is not a widely understood and widely played game in most places, and you are targeting people who would play it on their smartphone, and can probably get other versions of the game for free... So you don't want to use the wide "shotgun" approach to your marketing... Instead think and market like a sniper.

    Best wishes for a lot of profit in 2012 with this project!

    EDIT: P.S. Now that I am thinking of it, the Topsites are fairly affordable as well if you have a marketing budget, they have already been mastering SEO for years, most of them are Mobile-friendly, and many of them are available in languages around the world-- although of course I don't know if your app works in other countries. --MT

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    That's interesting MikeTucker.

    Could you provide exact link to topsite? I'm not sure I'm finding the right things...

    I know about gamefaq's, but does it include board games? I thought it was meant more for general video game niches (rpg, action, strategy, etc...).

    People can get other versions of this game on iphone, but they aren't as well developed, the AI is not good and generally they are pretty basic. Our app is the best one in the market in this niche. It's even ranked #1 in Russian appstore in dice category.

    I was thinking more about - how to create some viral event maybe to get more users?

    Would be really interested to hear thoughts about people who have actually worked with mobile applications like this before.
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    You probably know this but I recently stumbled on they have a lot of app blogs on their register and you can buy ads with a few clicks.
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      Originally Posted by julesw View Post

      You probably know this but I recently stumbled on they have a lot of app blogs on their register and you can buy ads with a few clicks.
      The problem with is that they mostly offer to display your banner and you pay for impressions and not for real clicks.

      I tried it and it wasn't effective at all.
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