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    I had a lot of tax deductions for 2011. Like to need 'em worst this coming year

    Here's to more profits friends!
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    I have found a new interest in IM, which I will continue through 2012. I look forward to start earning from IM w.e.f. mid 2012.
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      to take massive action - by learning to focus on Income Producing Activities
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    Hmmm, mine are actually against IM, lol:

    1. Participate more in real-life!
    2. Spend more time with real people (offline)
    3. Place more importance on loved ones' health and happiness, as they are really all that matter
    4. Stop smoking (maybe, lol)

    A series of events happened in 2011 which sort of brought me back down to earth. I'm starting to learn there's more to life than a PC screen, and that life, sadly, is two days, so it's important to make the most of it with the things that really matter.

    Hope you all have a GREAT 2012!
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    Get involved with the Warrior Forum more and local groups as well as organization during the coming year!
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    My New Year resolution is...

    Focus on Twitter for my FREE traffic. Tweets are working for me. So I must scale up.

    Find the leaders in the niche and follow... follow... follow.

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    I made a little thread about my NY resolution here...


    I realized the title may sound a bit salesy but this is purely to share my thoughs and that's it...
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