Anyone Use 1Passwrd on Mac?

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I just downloaded it and it is $40 to purchase, I guess Im wondering what it does once I purchase. I installed it but it isnt prefilliing anything, or doing much else with the toolbar. On the other hand it saves everything, is that all it is suppose to do? I did read the site, but I didnt find where it says what it does without purchase and what happens once I do indeed purchase?

Please help,
Mary Green
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    Yup I use it and it's a HUGE time-saver and security boost.

    I use it to generate super-secure passwords -- every site I use has a different password -- and remember all my login details.

    From the right-click menu you can generate passwords, fill logins/identities.
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    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for mentioning 1Password, I've been looking for something like this.

    Have you seen the video which shows 1Password's main features?
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    Thanks guys for letting me know for sure what it does. I know Im not the norm, but I sometimes dont have time to watch a video and would just rather read something quickly. I did look at the site but I tend to overlook videos. I will probably pick this up, it imports your passwords from firefox so that is nice.

    Mary Green
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    RUN to buy this program. I'm a long time user and I couldn't live without it. They even have a free iPhone app to go with it.

    Great service and support. Late last year they even sent out a free license to all registered users to give to their friends.

    They guy's know customer service.
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