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i've been doing IM for over a year now so i wouldn't consider myself a noob my any stretch of the term but i'm about to ask a noob question.

whats the big deal with MS that you can't get using free tools like adwords keyword tool and others?

i use adwords keyword tool to see which keywords to target and round-about how much traffic i could expect to bring in with them.

how is MS superior?
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    Basically it does all the computing for you. It takes all of the information that you can find for yourself and presents it to you neat and tidy. If you do not know what you are doing in regards to keyword search it is very handy, if you are busy it is handy, if you do know what you are doing it helps in locating keywords for you to check manually and save you time.


    But it is a vary handy tool.
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    The SEO competition is a great feature. To find out this info manually you put in "your keyword" in Google. I can do it for thousands of keywords in minutes without having to do anything manual. You get to also take a super detailed look at any first page and see all types of links. You get to look up the value in ppc and seo. I like it most for the competition feature. Its a one time fee so if you are researching for SEO its a huge time saver.
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    Unless there is a proprietary database involved, you can do most things for "free."

    Why the quotes?

    Because free gets awfully expensive in terms of time.

    I used to wire up control panels, and it would take maybe 10 hours to do all the wiring (the free approach.)

    After a while, I bought an electric screwdriver that saved between 1 and 2 hours/job. That electric screwdriver paid for itself on the first job.

    So I ask you which was the better approach ... trading time for dollars, or dollars for time?

    Same question with Market Samurai. It compiles a lot of information at one time rather than having to go out and manually find that data. Is the time savings worth it to you?

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    It tells you if your keyword is worth going for, or mission impossible.(don't waste your time). Another is you get thousands of related keywords.

    But I personally like using Google for this.
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    Market Samurai goes a little bit further by confirming if a keyword or a niche is worth any money. MS gives you an idea of how many competitors are in a specific niche and your chances of out ranking a competitor if you choose to go after it. You can spy on your competitors by analyzing their backlinks and other data to see how you can surpass them in the search engines. There are free tools that allow you to do this also but MS just makes everything faster and more convenient.
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    Market Samurai is no magic tool but it brings you a lot of different seo factors just as one place so saves a lot of time in your seo efforts.

    And as we say, time is equal to money.
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