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What are your thoughts about a gig on Fiverr. The Gig is misleading, the seller takes article from directories then uses this "encoding stop words" with similar characters, in order to pass the eyes for google search engine. Afer careful thought, I don't believe this is UNIQUE for content. Would this be considered plagiarism and illegal to use? I think it does, since the seller does take from original documents, but it trumps google search engines and passes copyscape?

Below is the gig from Fiverr

Get 25 Articles just for $5!! ★ORDER NOW★ 100% UNIQUE Articles That Pass Copyscape Test. ★25 ARTICLES★Rated BEST GIG ON FIVERR By Buyers★ Articles created by encoding stop words with similar characters. Since your keywords are not encoded, these articles have very high SEO value. The articles are gathered from article directories. ONE Keyword per order. Cannot be used on hubpages, ezine and squidoo. 100% MONEY BACK if it fails Copyscape test!
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    Report them to fiverr. That's plagiarism, pure and simple.
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    hi cherchar..will you point to me which wso was it released?well the seller is making a kiling there
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    The seller will also likely be banned and anyone who uses articles from that gig could get in some trouble since they are using articles word for word from EZA without their resource box links.
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    Thats good news to hear that you got rid of the type of people who take advantage of an audience and targeted group of people. Fiverr is a place for out sourcing for cheap! and people like this one, was interfering with this process. Good job reporting it!
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    They probably spin it or something, but 25 articles for just 5 bucks is really cheap, but quality wise, i don't think its that good.
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    I realise I'm showing my ignorance here, but what are "encoding stop words"? I could make a guess, but I'd probably be wrong.
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      I am not exactly sure what encoding stop words are but I believe it to be some software that uses characters to the blind eyes of google and copyscape.
      If you past the articles on squidoo you get garbled characters. In a text document in order not to get the garbled characters you need to open the article in ut8 code(?).
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    I think I've worked it out. How they pass copyscape is a mystery! It seems to involve leaving the main keywords in tact and just changing common "stop words" (ie words that Google ignores) by using alternative characters. I'm guessing that some characters might not even be on a standard keyboard.

    I found the gig on other places whilst googling to find out what the term means. I've reported it to some of them.
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    I have done similar reporting about some one misusing fiverr.com and they have taken action.
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    I searched for the gig and saw the gig page was still indexed in Google, but led to a 404. The seller must have been taken down.

    Anyway, yes, it would be considered plagiarism.
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    I think the best thing to do is just connect with other marketers who have used Fiverr gigs to their advantage, ask them which gigs worked, and then go to the same gigs that worked for them! That way you know that the gig is accurate, as long as you trust your friend, and I'm sure you do! They'll hook you up easily
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    You can always on duplicate content checker sites, if you suspect that he gave you spin article or something else.

    In any case, if you think that his gig fraud, you can report him to Fiverr. They will review his gig and probably ban him.
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    I've heard about that. I think there's a WP plugin that basically does the same thing. The gig is misleading if he's promoting it as unique content so it's good fiverr have done something about it.
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    Modified stop words are like this:

    Original Text: Hello
    Modified Text: Hélló

    Google and Copyscape don't see the Modified text as being the word Hello.

    Cheers ....
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