Aged Domain vs. New Keyword Stuffed Domain

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Hello Warriors!

just looking for a little advice. I'm building a new site for a client and was wondering if I should use one of his aged domains (4-5 yrs old) which is currently redirecting to his main website...or would I be better off buying a new domain that includes some of the keywords that I will be targeting.

What is more important from an SEO stand point? Aged Domains vs. New Keyword Stuffed Domains?

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    It depends on the kind of identity they want and how they'll market their site. If you aren't going to go with keyword domains, you should definitely try to at least go with an aged brandable - 4-5 years aged is decent, more would be better.

    I'd really only suggest going the keyword route if you can get an exact match domain in com, net, or org (org may not fit well depending on their business). Even if you'd have to spend more on it to buy it vs. register something available, EMD's help with SEO a lot. Without an exact match, the slight help the domain will give may not be more than what an aged name would give, and a brandable domain would appeal more in marketing.
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