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by azk
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Hi, I'm a capable systems programmer who's experienced with web programming/applications (PHP/Ruby/Python). I'm familiar with many web frameworks/CMS and I'm comfortable making mods to most of them (Rails, Django, Wordpress, Joomla, etc). I'm also an experienced linux/bsd sysadmin.

Despite all that experience, I'm a complete SEO/marketing noob.

What should be my first steps to leverage my existing abilities? I was originally thinking that I should make SEO tools, but I don't know anything about SEO or internet marketing.

Maybe I should do some work/joint venture with a seasoned marketer to learn the ropes? I don't even know where I would find someone like that who I could trust.

Suggestions, advice, and comments are welcome! Thanks.
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    You can start by reading these forums, there is plenty of information available. The key is trial and error, so think less and act more even if you are not sure.

    For JVs there is a forum here: Warrior Joint Ventures
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    When I first started to know internet marketing, the hot word that was thrown around a lot was "SEO" this and "SEO" that but within time I found out that there are so many aspects to the game. And the funny thing is, some of the people that are at the very top of the game don't know a thing about SEO and much less programing.

    There is so much more that you can do besides SEO. Look around and see what is it that you like best.
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    I am working in SEO from last 2 years .Its wide to learn as a whole you just need to study about the on-page SEO ,Off Page SEO and SMO.It Will clear you the concept.

    I like to Participate in Communities ........

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    May be you should take some time off and read thourgh some of the material at

    You can relate how you can use your programming abilities to build an SEO tool or a web app.
    Need a Technical Support VA on an Hourly Basis? || Need AdSense Microniche Sites Research and Development? PM me.
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    Thanks for all the responses, and especially for that link to all those threads. I guess I should've started reading instead of asking questions.
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    Team up with a good internet marketer and make lots of amazing internet marketing programs together by the end of 2012 you will both be mega rich.

    Alternatively invest in about 10 hours a week to really read up on internet marketing and learn it as you go.

    Or start a IT blog as they are very popular and you can start your money making skills in that way.

    Good Luck
    My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    If you want to make some money I would offer a service where you can program some software or anything either here on warrior forum or on other freelancing websites. Then I would take about 2 hours a day to read and learn as much as you can about SEO. Once you think you get the whole point of SEO I would buy a domain name and test it it it actually works for you.

    Since SEO takes time you still earn money from those jobs you can offer as a programmer and see how the SEO part goes. After you test a couple of things and you get more experience I would dive into it as much as you want to.

    And the part where you find a JV, you can sure do that. That will sure help you a lot.
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      Start with some free Web Service Apis.....
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    Is it possible to build strong traffic without creating a moneysink? I won't have any affiliates or ads. Just looking to start building traffic sites.
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