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Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me how to get a list and then market to them?

I don't want to create a product that I think people want and then try to sell it.

I want to do it the other way round, create a list and then market to them.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards

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    There is a tonne of information on building marketing lists, some great step by step guides out there. I think your best bet is to go right to Google and search.

    I can't post any direct links here, but if you PM me i'll link you to some great guides
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    To get a list, you need to BUILD it.

    The most straight forward way to do this is to get a website or blog, and get an autoresponder and add an opt in form. In order to get people to opt in, you will need something to offer them, preferably related to the subject your product will be about.

    If you visit forums related to the product subject matter, you can probably get a lot of ideas of questions that come up often, which can help you determine what needs to be in your information product.

    You can ask for input from the people who opt into your list (as well as feeling out forum visitors for their input too), so they can tell you the things they specifically will want to see, so things that many people want are included, and things no one wants are excluded.

    But ultimately you will have to have a subject before you can build the list. Because if you build a list of gardeners, probably most of them won't be interested in a product about model rocketry.

    I'm willing to work with you. But none of us can do it all for you. If you're willing to put forth the work, you'll find a lot of help here.

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    (We all need a break from what we do for a living. I thought it was time my signature got a break too)

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    Hi Scott

    Thank you very much for your reply. I feel I have done things the wrong way round. I have created a course for Landlord and am now trying to find people to buy it. I am new to internet marketing and have not done well at creating a list at all, which has been very frustrating. I welcome any further advice.



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    There are many good ways to create lists. If you check out the Make Money Online section of this forum, there are tons of free guides on the subject.
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    There are many ways to build the list without creating product but I have to say, the list you build by selling or giving away your product is much likely to convert when you launch another product. To start with you can write a small tutorial of what you are good at and give it away for free. This gives people to know the kind of quality you can provide, that way they will be more likely to pay for your products looking at your quality. Again this is just my personal opinion. Hope that helps!
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    Try either writing a report which gives away some of the information in your course (for example, how to find a perfect tenant), write a mini email course or create a free video tutorial.

    Sign up with an autoresponder such as aweber- you will be able to create a personalized opt in form which you can add to your web site (very easy to do if you use Wordpress). When someone opts in to claim their free information, you can follow this up with emails advertising your course for more information.

    Once you have a list, don't just bombard them with sales letters for your course, however- send them more free information and on some of them add in that if they would like to know more about the subject then your course will provide this, and is available at (link to course sales page)

    Look for forums in the real estate/ rentals niche which allow you to use a signature and place a link to your site in your signature. Make sure you post relevant, useful posts- if you establish yourself as an expert people will trust your information and will be more likely to buy from you or sign up to your list.
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    One good way to start is put together a real value report and give it away for free in the Make Money Onlin section. Have them optin to your e-mail list in order to receive your valuable report.

    You can use this same method of opting in for your free report on Twitter and Facebook. This will grow your list!
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    the best way is always to create a free product for a sing up to your list.

    You can then on this offer has an upsell to a second product which you can charge for

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    And the best way to get list very fast is to research your competitors and offer something in twice more value than they offer. Then just use the methods mentioned above.
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    Typically, to create a list I will give out small free samples of my product or service. Like, for example a small bottle of shampoo or tiny bar of soap. People are often giving out free e-books to get emails, but you do not have the address of the person.
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    Originally Posted by karlene View Post

    Hi everyone

    Can anyone tell me how to get a list and then market to them?

    I don't want to create a product that I think people want and then try to sell it.

    I want to do it the other way round, create a list and then market to them.

    Can anyone help?

    Kind regards

    You are on the right track. This is a good approach, having a seed list of prospects is always beneficial when you are launching a product. The better relationship you build with your list and the more relevant the product you are going to promote is to their interests, the better.

    Now you can of course buy a list, but that's not what I recommend. I've seen some crazy offers of lists as big as a few tens of thousands being sold for pennies. Guess what, if you buy such a list, you will likely not make anything from it, because either it's a complete scam or the list is dead. No-one would ever be willing to sell a list of that size for so little money.

    So the task is to build the list. This is just like anything else in internet marketing, you have to put in the work to get the results. The good news is, you can start with free methods in case you don't have the money to invest in PPC campaigns.

    The first part of the process is to create a squeze page. On the squeeze page, you should incentivize your traffic to sign up for your newsletter by offering them a free gift, any kind of freebie that is relevant to the niche you are in.

    Then you have to decide on traffic generation strategies. As I said, you can do free strategies like forum marketing (sending traffic to your forum signature), Youtube marketing (sending your video visitors through the video description), Twitter & FB direct traffic, Craigslist advertising, article marketing and much more...

    You can also do SEO, which is free as well (not considering the costs that come with purchasing SEO tools and other things). I don't mean promoting the squeeze page itself, but you can create articles in article directories like EZA, include a link in your squeeze page within your bio description and build backlinks to this article. The reasoning behind is, squeeze pages are somewhat hard to rank in the SERPs, because you need content, and for squeeze pages usually don't have a lot of content.

    The other way you can take is paid advertising. You can promote your SP through PPC or PPV or even media buying, but don't forget, you have to connect well the interest of the traffic with what you have to offer.

    - Trev
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    You can find any software that is easy for you to follow. Hope it can help you.
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    What about creating a product, and then approaching people who already have a list? Is this a viable way of going about it? You would of course have to give them a cut, but it benefits both parties in the end if they agree to send out your product.
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