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I've just outsourced the seo and programing of my site. I finally figured out how to monetize it Adsense only and 1 product which i have not put up yet later tonight. Im taking down the Amazon, and paid job listings later tonight also. So my only question now is the look of my site. Im not trying to get page views here it won't matter to my rankings if a few of you look. I need im asking for suggestions on what to do about the look of my site. Link is in my signature any help much appreciated. It's been a long 8 months learning process, and still so much more to learn. Thanks warriors for all your help. The product will be a service truck drivers need. The first site gonzotrucker the second one im not really doing anything with yet.
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    I don't think it looks bad, but I'd like to see a biger post area. The two side panels/columns on either side of your post make the post area look very narrow.
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    Thanks you should have seen it 2 months ago. Thanks to the warriors it now looks a lot better.
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      I agree with the above poster. Your content area needs to be larger. You can probably get rid of an item or 2 in your sidebar then just stick with 1 sidebar. Other than that its not too bad - keep it up!
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    Thanks i just fixed it with your suggestions, and i think it looks better.
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    The massive header is bad, it puts all your content below the fold.
    This is bound to result in huge bounce rates, and sod all adsense clicks.

    Save your self a headache and load a new theme, something light and fast.
    For adsense, you dont need fancy themes, they nearly always perform worst.

    If you want a squeeze page for a product, dont use adsense, and vice versa.
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    Adsense will be only minimal and dont need a squeeze page i will focus on the service im offering. That service page im adding tonight. You were right about the header i will change it, and play around with it. This service i will only need to get 10 customers a month to reach my goals. Then if i can get another $100 usd in adsense ok if not that's ok to. It's all a learning process and playing around with it to see what works. Because like on here ask a queston get 30 diffrent answers as to what you should do. Some things people say are bad seem to be working for other sites like mine. Thanks
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    Great to see you are still working on this! I know you're going to find what works for you. It's great that you've chosen to outsource the SEO, and I believe that will save you a lot of time and heartache. You might also consider outsourcing the design. The more you outsource those little tasks, the more you can focus on what you actually enjoy doing, and on those things that actually make you money.

    Also, PLEASE make sure you have everything backed-up! I don't remember if I mentioned it to you last time, but you have clearly put a lot of work into your writing, and I would hate to see it all lost.

    Even if you just copy and paste your writing in Notepad and store it somewhere else. please back-up your work.


    The bartender says: "We don't serve faster-than-light particles here."

    ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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    Thanks i've been so busy 2 jobs plus learning and working on this. I have the wordpress backup 1 time a week. If i can get 10 customers a month all my goals with this site will be reached. Then i can move on to my next site, and continue to learn and grow. Any recommendations on who to outsource the design too? Im using Odesk for the seo i found a great person there with a 5 star rating, and over 2000 hours of work all with great recommendations.
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      I'm a girl with no interest in this subject and I just spent 10 minutes reading the stories. Your use of stories is appropriate in keeping people glued to you site but I did not figure out how to find the money making aspect just the stories. Perhaps you should emphasize that a little more.
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    Right, let me break it down a bit.
    Adsense and product sales are not good friends.

    To get a visitor to do something you want, you have to focus on it. If you want them to click ads, use a light, sparse theme with a small header, and have the ads displayed above the fold.

    If you want then to buy a product, focus your theme on that product, and place the link/banner to your sales page in very prominent places. Plus write your content around the product.

    Mix both = perform badly at both.

    Now you currently have an informational site, not geared at selling anything (eg lots of useful non sales orientated content). This could work well as an adsense site if you take the right (and simple) steps - find and install a minimal light theme.
    Even 2010 with a few adjustments and an attractive header performs well for adsense.

    If you want to sell a product, move the blog content to its own section (eg blog, stories etc). Then design the main pages of the site around selling the product.
    Funnel traffic from the blog to the sales pages or email subscription pages (read up on sales funnels).

    Now you can carry on with a mix, and probably will make a few $, but you will make a lot more if you pick one and get going.
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    Sales funnels i will read up on it because i dont want to keep writing blog posts every week. The service i will offer will be the main focus but i need stories on why it's important to have this service. I think i will design the main page to sell the service like you said thanks. My older blog posts explain all the diffrent types of trucks you can drive and how to make more money driving them. Also i have information on how to obtain a CDL. Thanks for all the great information tonight it's so helpfull.
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