Downloading Zips, Themes, Plugins, Scripts Directly To Your Web Host

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Often we find a very cool script on the internet and are thrown off by having to first download it to your computer then extract it then upload it file by file. It's all a waste when you can download files directly to your server with the 500MBps connection your server has AND unzip right on the server.

For those of you who have SSH access to your server, type this in the command line to download the files:

Replace the wordpress download URL with whatever download URL you want. Then.

If the file is a zip file.

if the file is a [something].tar.gz:

tar -zxvf [something.tar.gz]
if the file is a [something].gz:
gunzip [something].gz
If you don't have SSH Access, use the file attached to this thread. Rename it to PHP and use it to download and extract .tar.gz, .gz, .zip files. The file should be chmoded to 777.

Important: DO NOT LINK TO THIS FILE or give the URL to anyone. Giving anyone else access to this script is a MAJOR security threat. Change the name of the script to some obscure unreadable name. Delete it every time after using it.
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