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I am looking into using them for video hosting.

I just have a quick question for anyone using S3 services now.

Now I know they have a price estimator on their site. But I want to get some real examples from people using them here. So my question is...

To anyone running a small to medium size site using Amazon S3 for video hosting. (yes I know small to medium is VERY vague and can vary a ton)

What is your average monthly bill?

Just looking for average numbers here. Nothing specific. So don't worry about getting specific.

Thanks in advance.
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    Why do you want to host your videos with S3?

    Do you need unlimited bandwidth and collocation?

    If you don't you are better off going with an economy plan.

    Also what other people's sites "average" will give you zero insight into what you might be paying.

    The only time you should use S3 is when you need collocation and guaranteed unlimited bandwidth and you are willing to pay an unlimited bill to get it.

    Sure there are other reasons like if you are wanting to tap their cloud and have scalability but S3 is also pretty trendy these days and most people checking it out don't really need it.

    Here is a quote taken from another post I made in an earlier warrior discussion about s3:

    I recommend aplus.net with confidence. For under $10 a month they offer 2T of bandwidth.

    But lets put it in better perspective....

    If you were to use just half that in a month you would pay $170 at s3 and it would have only cost you $10 at aplus.

    s3 is a great solution for simplicity and for those who need guaranteed unlimited bandwidth...

    But there is no mistake Amazon S3 is not a cheap hosting option unless you do not get a lot of traffic.

    In order for S3 to be cheaper option than an economy account at Aplus you would have to not exceed 58gigs of bandwidth.

    But if you are delivering between 58 and 2000 gigs of data then aplus.net would be the cheaper solution.

    If someone is on a budget and has the potential of getting a lot of traffic to their video then they should consider the alternatives...


    Aplus - 100gb = $10 - 200gb = $10 - 500gb = $10

    S3 - 100gb = $17 200gb = $34 - 500gb = $85

    So even at 500gb the cost of s3 is more than 8x the amount.

    s3 only makes sense economically at amounts lower than 58gb or when you need to guarantee unlimited bandwidth and offset demand on your hosting account.
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    When it comes to unlimited bandwidth, you also have to account for "data throughput." It does you no good if you are "allowed" to transfer 2Tb of data per month, but the shared server is so busy that it takes forever for the user to download your video.

    I find that shared servers are very unpredictable when it comes to performance (both CPU and network throughput). The hosting provider can put literally thousands of accounts on a single server. Get two busy domains on one box and your users will NOT be happy with your download capacity and video views may get very choppy.

    I use S3 and love it. Yes, it is an additional cost over my existing hosting account, but if providing a good user experience in a predictable fashion is important, S3 is a great way to go for videos or any other large files.

    That's true...

    But I pounded Aplus with a major video publishing campaign in my tests before settling on them as one of the best economy hosting solutions, especially for video content, that I could recommend.

    I have also interviewed them about uplink speed, server use policies, and other important elements that should be asked when considering whether to use a shared server or not.

    My partner also used them to serve videos for other major campaigns for clients (he is a full time pro offline producer) and the results aplus delivered were faultless.

    Now after 2 years of testing and recommending them every person I have known who has used them for static hosting progressive download embedded media file delivery has been more than happy.

    All I am pointing out is that people who serve even just a couple hundred gig of video a month will be more than happy with them and they will only pay $10 a month.

    Deliver 10,000 video views of a 100mb video and you are using 1,000gb.

    If you are willing to pay $170 for that and want the benefits of s3's truly unlimited service then use S3.

    If you are worried about the bill then use Aplus.net and pay $10 to deliver that same 1000gb.

    If consumption of your up to 2000gb of bandwidth is fairly evenly spread out over a month ie. you are not delivering 10,000 100mb files in one day then you should have no prob with Aplus.

    I have delivered thousands of video views a day on a $10 Aplus account in my own tests and so has my partner with many of his clients campaigns and the video was always delivered without a hitch fast as a sneeze.

    I have been recommending it for years and every person I have recommended who has used it has never had any problems.

    The key is just to recognize what kind of publisher you are... are you the kind of publisher who will be delivering hundreds of video views a day or 10,000 in one day?

    If you know what your level of exposure might be then you can decide based on that.

    Whatever you do don't load the video onto the same hosting account that you will be hosting your domain with. Link to it remotely... then if volume starts to go up you can easily switch to S3 if you start out on budget host.

    Of course if you are publishing less than 58gb of video a month then s3 will be the cheaper choice because it will cost you less than $10 a month.

    If you are on a shoestring budget and you might generate 100k views of your 100mb video file... just realize that will cost you $1700 because not only is there no limit on the hosting... there is no limit on your bill either ;-)

    That might be a good problem to have though... if you have the right content and are monetizing it.
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    I went to aplus.net and couldn't find a link to their video hosting service. Could you please put a link in this forum?

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    Web Hosting: Dedicated & Shared Website Hosting Solutions - Aplus.net

    Also there is Web Hosting by PowWeb - One Plan, One Price which offers colocation and load balancing with their economy plan and if you pay a year in advance its 50% the cost of aplus.

    Either one will be a great choice for people just starting out or who are not doing terabytes of bandwidth.
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