what language to learn?

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i have decided to learn a new programming language. which do you folks think would be the most useful to learn?

my current experiance is average with html/css/php (i hand code my sites).

i am thinking about pearl, purely for the fact that it would be useful for my day job as i am always asking a colleague to write me little perl scripts to do jobs.

any feedback on the usefulness of pearl for IM related tasks or any other suggestions?
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    My knowledge of html/css/php is more than enough for
    my IM related work. I never hand code my sites, because
    there are already so many beautiful templates available
    for free.

    I have never used or learned Perl.
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    • It depends on what you want to do.

      If you are developing simple web-based stuff, then you already have all the tools necessary with html, CSS and PHP. PHP is a perfectly fine scripting language (although I don't approve of the way it is mixed into the html...).

      Perl is one of the most popular languages, and good for somewhat more advanced stuff than php. Since it is old and popular, you can get a lot of support if you run into trouble. It is kinda "freeform" and easily broken though (hard to maintain).

      Server-side Java is probably the industrial-strength solution if you are developing advanced applications. It is a rigorous, structured language that is easy to maintain (if you use proper programming practices - just like with C or Fortran or Basic or Pascal or...). Once you know Java you can also develop client applications. It isn't good for small projects (but then, you already know PHP, which is good enough for a little web scripting).

      There, clear as mud.

      Best Regards, Georgetta
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    Perl's a great foundational language and probably wouldn't be too difficult for you to pick up.

    You could also around at job boards and see what's most in demand.
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      I was going to suggest Spanish until I read the post.

      I don't have a clue about these computer languages (except html) so can't help

      siggy taking a break...

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