A BIG Favor For Those Infected with Malware!

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I know this is off topic but we all do spend a lot of time on the internet, surfing a number of sites and for some the computer IS our business.

Some of you already know me and that I do security research, mainly reverse engineering malware, and the spread of malware is happening at an alarming rate currently. We need to get our hands on these as soon as anyone gets infected.

So I'm going to make a list of malware removal forums where you can go and have you computer cleaned "FOR FREE" which will get malware in the hands of researchers as quickly as possible so we can get signatures out to AV companies ASAP.

Here's were you can go if you've been infected:
There are more forums but these are the ones I've personally helped out on, 247fixes I'm a developer there. I was a moderator at Bleepingcomputer but my work load got to big so had to cut back.

If you go to another forum to get help all I ask is that you make sure it's an ASAP forum.
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