Working online and traveling - Does it really work?

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This is such an amazing idea and one I've had the great pleasure of learning over the past few years. As of New Years day 2012, it's been two years since I left the United States and started traveling throughout South America. I am currently living in Colombia enjoying life in more ways that I can even describe.

Although I left the US with money in savings, my idea was to begin transitioning my income generating methods to the online world and live the life so many dream of.

After two years of trial and error and breaking many "I'm gonna focus tomorrow" promises to myself along the way, here are some common misconceptions and realities when it comes to making money online while traveling the world.

Myth or Reality? - Is it possible to work online and experience continuos travel without settling down and having a routine?

I think most people have this idea that once they create their business they will be able to pack up and wander the world without regard to some type of schedule or routine.

I used to think this was true, but I've come to understand that it's literally impossible.

There are too many distractions when living on the road that make it very difficult to access the "state of mind" you get in when you are most productive.

For example a typical agenda...

Today go fishing for piranhas in the Amazon with those 3 cool people I met last night (including that really hot Brazilian girl you haven't stopped thinking about)


go sit in some dingy Internet cafe (if you can even find one) and wrap your head around your Internet business.

Or even perhaps more pressing matters like, guarding your life from your immediate surroundings E.G. "I think that monkey wants to kick my ass"

Like I said, when I began traveling I had some savings and was therefore able to experience a little more freedom in the beginning, but as money got tighter, necessary changes had to start taking place.

Now, the idea of work and travel have become more along the lines of setting up shop in a place I really love, renting a house and simply living in that culture the same way you would back home. If you do it right and pick a cool place, you will still feel a sense of wonder and adventure as though you were traveling.

Weekends are now reserved for cool trips outside of my town, exploring the nearby mountains or beaches, or just hanging with locals, hitting some cool night clubs and dancing salsa till 5 am.

The coolest part?! I get to dream of all the places I want to experience over the course of my life by working in this manner.

Making online and traveling is something to be enjoyed slowly and overtime. It's a lifestyle where you pick places of interest that you know are going to change you as you immerse yourself in that culture. Like which new language do I want to learn, what place offers the most in terms of culture shock, or where exactly do they sell the cheapest rum?

If this is something you are considering, I can't encourage this enough. It's changed me at the core. But I have personally the idea and the key to making this type of life a reality is to sloooow down and realize it's become your new lifestyle. No reason to rush, because it was the rush we are trying to escape.

Any one have similar experiences? What did you find?
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    Nice post, and one that interests me greatly.

    I too, will hit the road towards the end of the year with some savings. By then, I'll be 10 months into building my authority site.

    Hopefully I'll be making some money, and just need to increase it so I can stay on the road. In any case, I plan to have enough savings to last about 8 months while working on the site full-time.

    I plan on doing what you do. Staying in certain places for months at a time, living like the locals. I've already done it before in stretches of 3-8 months, but I was just living of savings at the time - and didn't even know about IM.

    TBF, I don't agree with you. I think you found it hard because of your way of mind. I know you get busy - doing the whole traveling thing - and maybe I'm lazier, but I like to chill out during the day and would have plenty time to work on IM.

    When I'm not online, marketing or posting articles; I'll be down the beach reading books related to my niche, thinking of ideas and writing them down, writing articles in my notepad whilst sunbathing at the swimming pool, or even generating great ideas by exploring new things, like:

    • Taking part in sports, and writing about it.
    • Taking courses, and writing about it.
    • Visiting sites, and writing about it.

    You get the idea...

    I guess it depends on which business model you follow, and whether there is a need to be online all the time, or if your adventures is even something you will write about.

    What business model do you follow?

    One thing I know I wouldn't like - and I know many people do - is work for an hourly wage, offering services.

    BTW, you might get a message from me regarding those Brazilian and Columbian girls, LOL.
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      Originally Posted by thorster View Post

      Although I always have time for meeting new Spanish girls
      Originally Posted by fin View Post

      BTW, you might get a message from me regarding those Brazilian and Columbian girls, LOL.
      I could write a book on Colombian girls, hmm maybe that a new product idea?! It would be a page turner for sure And Fin, I hear Spain is amazing, one day I plan on rolling up to Ibiza on my own boat. Maybe we'll all see each other there..I'll bring the Colombians you bring the Spaniards..Now that's motivation!

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    Originally Posted by natebunger View Post

    Today go fishing for piranhas in the Amazon with those 3 cool people I met last night (including that really hot Brazilian girl you haven't stopped thinking about)
    OR go to the Amazon and get eaten by crocodiles.

    I'll stick to

    Haven't stopped thinking about some girl?.. I'm going to disagree, I can never stop thinking about my next business venture. Always exited for the next dollar.
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    Nice write up!
    I'm not quite as adventurous as you, so just a change of environment and a little more sun during the winter months is what I'm after.
    I do have a home in Spain as well, that I'd like to get more use out of once my income gets more stable - and as I know the environment I'm not spending my days finding new things. Although I always have time for meeting new Spanish girls
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    OP I agree with you. I thought it was going to be easy. But it's very difficult, at least for me, to stay focused while traveling. It takes even more discipline and I personally think it's essential to try to setup some type of routine while traveling as well in order to be productive.

    It sounds great before you try it. You think "ahh no problem I'll work in the morning, do this do that" but then when it comes down to it, it's not easy. Working from home and getting into a routine and being productive is hard enough when you at your house or apartment. But when traveling, 10X more difficult. Again, at least for me it is.
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    The idea of working online and traveling is definitely feasible, since technically speaking, the work can be done from anywhere. But since traveling has become increasingly expensive, no matter where you go and where you stay, you should have a good setup before you leave, so that you have something to fall back on in case you're not able to put in quite as much time as you thought. I think once you have a sound business, it is not too difficult to maintain whilst on the move.

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