Does your Twitter profile picture matter?

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People use all sorts of different images for their main twitter profile picture that appears next to every tweet you post as well. Some people just use an image of themselves, others use images of their pets of children;many people of course change them regularly perhaps putting up funny pictures they come across. Many businesses and websites though use a logo from their site or another image related to what they do or perhaps even where they are based.

Each of these different picture types has an advantage except perhaps those that are totally unrelated. If you are using Twtitter purely socially and for fun then what you use isn't too important: a picture of yourself though helps your friends find you and make sure you are who they think you are.
If you use your Twitter for work or it is a specific work account then you must be much more careful what picture you use, some pictures could actually damage your brand others can boost it and make it easier to get followers.

If you are a consultant or a freelancer then you may well trade under your own name anyway, a picture of your face may be best, especially if you manage to look respectable and intelligent in it. Also even in business people may look for people they have met, for example at networking meetings, based on faces as well as names to make sure they get the right person. Pictures of things unrelated to work such as pets and your children are very unprofessional and make your account look like a social account more than a business account. Pictures that may be more related are your offices, especially if they are fairly impressive and at least show you aren't a back bedroom operation. You could also add a picture of the town or city where you work to highlight your location, this makes good sense if you have the name of where you are based in your business name such as 'Newtown Carpets' with a lovely scenic photo of Newtown's famous skyline.

Logos though are perhaps the very best and most professional option for your Twitter account, they make you look impressive if they are well designed and increase awareness of your brand identity. Whatever you do choose though try to keep it the same long term, it has been shown that people look out for their favorite tweeters mainly by the picture rather than the name.

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    I don't think it really matters that much as long as it's not an egg (default) and not over promoting your business. Just as long as it looks natural I think it okay for your twitcon.
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    Your picture says volumes about you.

    How do you want to brand yourself? Make sure your picture is saying that. Are you professional, casual?

    Your picture needs to work for you; to represent your brand.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    Well said David.

    I think your avatar is very important! It's part of your brand and conveys a very strong message (a picture being worth a 1000 words). That avatar is what catches my attention when a tweet flies by.

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    I agree, I think the avatar is extremely important. Its often the first impression I'll get about a user, even before reading their recent Tweets.

    If you see a photo of someone who's passed out with empty beer bottles around them, yet they're Tweeting about the latest economic forecast, I might take their Tweet with an extra pinch of salt!

    As I see it, that person might be giving the best, most accurate and logical advice, but if their avatar is unprofessional, yet they're trying to Tweet professionally, it makes them less credible.
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    I have several twitter accounts, all have my ugly mug on them, hasn't put people off following me

    You don't want to click here --> Richard Arblaster

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    first of all people will look at your picture, but after that people will not think about ur picture, it's about your tweet they'll want to know more
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    Hi there

    Yes i believe it does matter, the reason being Twitter is a social networking platform and the majority of people are on there to be social, so it is a lot better to be social and interact with someone who you can see, so yes it does make a very big difference.


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    I think it definitely matters. Same with any time you choose a picture for any profie (FB, Twitter, WF).

    People judge us by our appearance - having a pic of yourself half-naked, pounding back a beer can definitely result in people judging you negatively. While one can assume that someone with an unprofessional pic isn't ALWAYS partying, the fact that you chose a party pic to represent yourself says something.

    Not choosing a pic also says something negative - that you don't care enough about your presence at the various sites to bother uploading a representative pic.
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      With my twitter accounts I have my photo displayed but have recently tried using an avatar on a couple of them as a bit of fun!

      It's also a bit of an experiment to see if it will make any difference to the number of followers I get.

      With my personal twitter page I decided to make it look a little fun and have placed a avatar on it but my business account has a photo of me. It will be interesting to see the results!
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    The picture is what everyone will see first.

    You need to create the right impression.

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    Does your Warrior Forum avatar matter?

    And if so, what does it say about you?
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Your Twitter profile picture is part of your branding. If you're on Twitter to promote yourself, you need an image of yourself. If the focus is on your website, I think it's okay to have a logo instead of a picture.
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    It was a good read, man. I have to agree with you on your points.

    I also agree with visimedia that people look at your pictures to "judge" you in some way. I do that for some of the "questionable" followers that I'm having there to see if they're really legitimate accounts or not. Sometimes, the pictures can be a clue if they're really who they are or not.
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    Your picture needs to work for you; to represent your brand.
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    businesses may use pictures that represent them : Logo or product image.

    what if McDonald's used Laptop picture on their twitter profile?
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    Your Twitter picture depends on what account you are using. If the account is representing a brand or a product then you should use the appropriate image for that, which definitely would NOT be a picture of the owner's face. However, if you are branding yourself or if you are looking to create sales through Twitter I would recommend to use a clean and classy picture. Be personable and make sure to smile. You want to convey positivity and enthusiasm and let it be easy for others to want to get to know you.
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  • Profile picture of the author paul_1
    It's really best to put a decent picture of yourself. That means a lot! To name a few, it means you are genuine and it's like you're exposing yourself to the public thus, will gain some trust.
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    Your twitter profile picture does significantly matter. The people who click your profile want to know who they are actually dealing with, they want to know if you are a regular fun person and not just some spammer. Impression always count in the long-run.
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  • Profile picture of the author AmandaT
    If you are using Twitter for business, your profile picture is very important for branding. The picture in my WF avatar is used on ALL of my social networking sites. This way when someone sees one of my tweets, they will think, "Oh, that is that chick from WF." You want people to be able to link that picture to who you are. Otherwise you are just another random person tweeting at them.

    Of course, you can take it a step further and use your picture to bring more attention to your tweets. A good example is Tiffany Dow's twitter picture:!/tiffanydow

    I know every time she tweets that picture brings my attention right to it.
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    Makes sense. I don't use Twitter for business purposes but if I did, I'd definitely be careful about what image I'd upload as my profile pic -- first impressions can be quite important.
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