A basic question about domain name registration.

by milla
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Guys I registered a domain name for the first time and I notice that anyone can have access to your personal information via whois.

I was going to change my registration info and contact to hide my personal info but apparently you cant do that? You have to have your real information or the domain might get shut down?

So is it ok to just have initials instead of my full name and a fake phone number or something? I don't want weirdos calling me or something haha.
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    You can put whatever details you like so long as you use your real email address. Also, make sure that you keep that email address or you wont get renewal advices or ICANN confirmation notices.

    The other way to do it is through private registration (depending on the registrar you're using) which will hide your info from the public.
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      Very simple. Add free privacy policy while registering your domain name. Many registrants have option to choose free privacy policy & make sure to tick that box which will hide your contact details when someone search in whois info.

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    It is best to get the privacy. Next best is to put the
    contact information of a non-internet user there.
    Next best is to put it under a company name and a pre-paid phone number but I don't know if they verify it.
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    Not sure about weirdos calling in the wee hours but you will get snail-mail from "services" that want to list your domain name in their guide for a small fee. Best to go with the privacy option, WHOIS will only show the name of your registrar.

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