PayPal phishers are hard at work. Protect yourself, here is their latest attempt:

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Dear X,

In a continuing effort to provide our users with the best possible online payment experience, we randomly select registered users, like you, to participate in surveys. Your feedback will help us enhance your PayPal experience. We appreciate your taking a few minutes to respond.

Upon completion of the survey you will be entered into a prize drawing to win $1000.

To complete the survey, simply click on the Web address shown below (or copy the address into your browser).



If you receive an email like this, forward it to immediately, and DO NOT click any of the links.
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    Hard to believe that anyone could fall for that.
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    Paypal says they will never ask you to login to any site other than

    I didnt click the link, so I dont know if they want you to login or not when you get there..

    However I DO know that PayPal never told me they'd occasionally send me surveys from, OR that I'd "have a chance to win X amount of dollars!" for participating in said surveys.

    lol I dunno.. it might be real, it might not.. but if it turns out to be a scam, dont say I didnt warn you!
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      ddFrom the paypal-community site:

      PayPal has commissioned GfK Custom Research North America, an independent market research company, to conduct this Web-based survey among its members. If you have concerns about the validity of this survey, please contact survey @ paypal . com. "
      Sounds like they are looking at improving customer service (good!) but I think most experienced PP users would question that email's authenticity.
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    In my experience phishing scams for world of warcraft accounts are the most frequent. And some of them are actually pretty damn good - they actually use perfect grammar and spelling, along with a www- domain. I wonder how many people are taken by such emails. Ironically, I don't even have a WoW account so I wonder where my email was scrapped for their WoW specific email list.
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    When you do participate in PayPal's surveys (I've done several) you NEVER have to log into your account or provide any personal information.

    One of the tell-tales that the email may be legit is if they address you by your name. PayPal NEVER sends an email with a general "Dear PayPal Customer" opening, they always use your name.

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    this is scary...
    I remember ever get that kind of survey but as I Know, that's from paypal itself
    Anyway, thanks for sharing it here
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      Ha, I keep getting email messages that my account has been limited and I just delete them as spam as I know there is absolutely no reason why my account could get limited.

      I've checked my account several times, and of course, the account is fine.

      Even though I haven't purchased anything on eBay for ages, I get spam about auctions won or items that I didn't pay for, etc. Funny stuff. Those aren't opened either, and just sent to spam.

      You would think the spammers would get bored with me.
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    that was not phishing, and they ask you to login in and not the one in the email. so this is totally not scam, its 100% legit my friend.
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  • Profile picture of the author Yazid Chala
    that was not phishing, and they ask you to login in and not the one in the email. so this is totally not scam, its 100% legit my friend.
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    I thought people here at the WF were much too savvy to fall for any low level phishing scam.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    i get them everyday in my eBay account mentioned before, Paypal will never get you to login on another site and they always use your name when addressing customers.

    i would hate to get in one of these scams, could kill your account!
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