What to use for custom tabs/pages on Facebook?

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Hello warriors,

The title says it all. I haven't done any fan pages in quite a while, so I mostly missed the whole iframe +ssl changes that were happening. Now I need to creat a bunch of FB pages, and am just trying to figure out what's the best thing to use.

It seems like fbml ap that added p to 10 custom tabs is completely gone (from new pages at least, still have it on my old ones)

Looking around a bit I found Easy FanPage Design | Fan Page Design Just Got Easier looks pretty good, at least going by the video/sales page. Though I am not clear if you can create as many fan pages as you want from just one web site, or if you can only create one fan pger per site.
This is also connected to needing an ssl certificate, obviously if you can make unlimited fan pages from having this plug in on one site, that's quite different than needing ssl for each site for each fan page.

If anyone is using/use the above I'd love a clarification and your feed back in general.

Now since I haven't had a site with an ssl cert before, I am not sure what's involved with that, and I'd like to get at least one fan page up, get paid, and then have the money to play aroud with programs.

To that end I found this: https://apps.facebook.com/tabpress/ seems very easy, is good enough for what I want. Only bad thing is they put their branding at the bottom of the tab (probably not a deal breaker for now, but something I'd want to avoid in the future)

So warriors, what do you use to create custom facebook fan pages? I know there were some wso's a while back but I didn't look at them then.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Plus if you want to tell me how hard/easy it is to get an ssl certficiate using hostgator, that'd be nice too.
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    I use FB tab manager by David Carr. It's free. I don't think you can use it for creating multiple tabs like if you wanted to have one page dedicated to say an opt-in, another for shopping, another for a poll, etc, but you can have before and after "like" content. Just look in your WP plugins under his last name.

    For SSL, I have ecommerce stores, so I just put a subdomain on there that points to my fanpages. I think the cheapest one I found was on NameCheap, but GoDaddy or Host Gator might be OK too. It's been a few months, so I kinda put that info out of my mind. I wanna say that NC was under $15 though.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your reply Ahew. So, can you create as many fan pages with the plug in from one site? Or do you need to have a different site+plug in for each fan page?

    Hmm, going to sound like a total noob here, but do you buy ssl certificate for the hosting or for the domain names? If my sites are hosted on hostgator, would I have to buy ssl from them as well or can I buy ssl elsewhere?
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    I upgraded to the business plan on Host Gator, which let me use the SSL certificate for the Developers section when making an app. However for a single page, it's just as easy to use an app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

    I can write out the HTML if you want for as little as fifty dollars, if you have the codes of the things you want on the page like Pay Pal button codes, You Tube video embed codes, photo URLs, subscriber form codes etc.
    Social Media Marketing Services
    Custom Facebook page design, Facebook Ads management, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google Plus, Instagram, social sharing, SEO, content production, video production, whatever you want.
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    You would need to do a different subdomain with WP on it for each fanpage. So let's say you had:

    http://dogs.yourdomain.com pointing to http://www.facebook.com/dogs

    http://cats.yourdomain.com pointing to http://www.facebook.com/cats

    http://gerbils.yourdomain.com pointing to http://www.facebook.com/gerbils

    SSL is for the domain. I *think* that you need to buy SSL from the same place you purchase the domain name from. You'll need to check into it to be sure. It's the kind of info I purge as soon as the deed is done. I need my brain cells to retain other info. lol If NC is as cheap as I think it is, then it may behoove you to buy both the domain and ssl there and use them on your HG account. SSL can be really pricey. I want to say $49 and $100 were the other quotes I got for it. You'll do the math and see what makes most sense.

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    What kind of apps did you have? I'm a developer.
    Boom shakalaka!
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    I'm working on a wso that will show you some sneaky, online free ways to build non-branded fan pages as many as you want and no need to know photoshop or anything like that

    I build Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Provide Training. Feel free to check out my demo bot https://m.me/botsguy

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    If you are familiar with web design, using an app like Static iframe Tab is easy to create whatever you want on your tab.
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    Thank you guys for the iframe suggestion, that's exactly what I was looking for. Just couldn't figure out what ap does that.
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    I use an app called Static HTML iFrame Tabs, its simple to use, here's a step by step tutorial - How To Create A Facebook Landing Page (Static HTML / iFrame Tabs) | Like This Fan Page

    I currently use shared hosting from Hostgator for my SSL, you can also use Hostgator business plan that includes a free dedicated IP address and Private SSL certificate - read article for more details - Secure Facebook Fan Pages Using SSL Hosting | Like This Fan Page
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    Hi, As far as Facebook is concerned,
    1. Just Install static HTML iframe tabs on your fan page [the one with star].

    2. Create HTML page with dimensions 520*800 and put a like button, a video or call to action or anything.

    3. Upload the same to a directory on your website.

    you should have a link like this
    4. go to your fan page and click on edit and then just go to your tab name that says welcome.
    click one edit and then post the same location where you uploaded your file on the fans/non fans content.

    You are up and running.

    Let me know if you need any more help!!
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