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Hi, every firend, where can purchase newest, and updatest database such as zip, them, business item, and so on, I want to the very whole database for my project, thanks very much!
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    Syntax error. There is an error in your statement near [zip, them, business item, and].

    Seriously, I can't make out what you want.

    do you want database software? or the data itself?

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    I am sorry for my mistake, I just want database itself, not database software, thanks

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      Are you looking for actual business data? I've used some services before for such things, but it really depends on your niche. Most of the services I've used deal with real estate companies. Any specific niche you are targeting?
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    You'll have to be more specific. There's a million databases for a million different things. What kind of database are you looking for and what kind of site are you going to have?
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