Nearly finished e-book and help required!!!

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I've just about finished my first book which explains how to make money online etc. what is the best way to sell this? How much for? Etc etc

Thanks in advance!!!
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    create a WSO for sell it , price is your choice . most ebook sellin for 9-15 dollar
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      Pricing is going to vary greatly on the amount of content that is given. You also want to make sure that you are competitive in the niche that you are writing on.

      There are many different ways to sell an ebook. This choice like the price is going to be one of which system that you like to use like ejunkie or some other one.

      Good luck with the new book
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      Use networks like DigiResults and JVZoo, offer 100% instant commissions, build a list of buyers and earn from the back-ends.
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    How much do you think it should sell for? How does it fit in your marketing funnel? What happens after they buy the ebook?

    If it's launching your coaching program or services, keep the price low to get more leads in, maybe between 99 cents to $27 or even $47, depending on how original the content is, the promise and payoff from your book. If the ebook can help change someone's life by making over $100, $500 or even $1000 a month, what would that be worth to them?

    The best way to sell it... there's several options. Kindle store is one I'm thinking would help you get good leads if you SEO it, on your website, through other people's lists (have to do commissions & affiliate program for them), teleseminars, webinars, guest posts... the list goes on. Which one do you think would serve you the best? Which one have you had success with in the past?

    Try answering these questions I listed on paper and you'll come up with the best ways for you to price and market it. If you need more help, let me know.
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    If you are using this as in an intro product, sell it on Kindle for 99 cents. If it's good, you'll pick up fans, and get good reviews written, which is essential to sell your book.

    The real money maker is when you release your next Kindle book, for which you'll charge more, like $4.95. Not only will you make more money because it is more expensive, but you'll be in the 70% royalty tier.

    I made the mistake of releasing my first Kindle book at $7.99 (not in the IM niche). Don't do that unless you're established. TRhis is a definite example of the "make it up on volume" strategy.

    I would love to have that release back, so I could hit the 99 cent price point. With many products, the low price creates the perception of low quality, but that doesn;t realy hold as truwe for Kindle books. Owners expect intro pricing, so give it to them.

    Also, make sure you check your formatting for near perfection before you release it. Even though it is only 99 cents, you'll get roasted in the reviews if you screw this up.

    Good reviews are essential, so have as many family and frinds buy it and leave you honest, but good reviews as possible. That will get the all roling. You can always pay them back the 99 cents, if they're worried about it.

    Your first book merely gets your foot in the door with Kindle owners, so you can get good reviews and people eager to buy your next book, which should be even larger, with better more valuable content, to justifiy the higher price.

    I would put it in the new(er) Kindle Select program. That limits you from selling outside the Kindle platform, but since it's by far the largest, that's not a big problem, and you'll get better exposure to make up for it.

    You can release it on CB as well if you'd like, and get affiliates selling it for you, which can be powerful, but I've found it tough to get affiliates unless you are charging enough that they get a nice commission. In IM, that price point is about $15 minimum, and you'll do better getting affiliates at $27. The downside is that customers expect a a much mnore complete, higher value product at that price point.

    Hope this helps....
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    It's very hard for someone to sell into the "make Money Online Niche" if they are unknown. If you are unknown, make the cover graphics great and the title as well. believe it or not, masses of people buy on these triggers if they don't know the author.
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  • You are asking pricing questions and marketing questions for a mystery product that no one has yet seen. This will lead to tons of all over the place suggestions and feedback. It's probably best to give out a few copies to some successful marketers who can then guide you as to where to sell the ebook, and how much it might be worth. (By the way, it's your graphics and sales copy that will determine how much money people might be willing to part with, not your content.
    At this point all that can be gathered from your posting is that you are writing an ebook on how to make money online, but are asking how to sell it (which really should be your # 1 essential making money online skill if you are authoring such a topic).
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    If it is a very simple and short ebook, try to sell it here in WSO. Else you can try
    Digiresult or JV you can get affiliates with sales.

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    You can sell it in clickbank but you need to pay $49 fee for that; they take $49 when they accept your eBook or refund your money when they reject it.

    Use paydotcom is free and you will pay them small percent after you make sales.

    You can find similar clickbank websites.

    Or you can create a WSO for your eBook and decide the price yourself.
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    Hi Mattie,

    You lost me.

    Originally Posted by Mattie1 View Post

    I've just about finished my first book which explains how to make money online etc. what is the best way to sell this? How much for? Etc etc
    Given the topic of your book... shouldn't you be able to find the answer there?

    Sid Hale
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    • Originally Posted by Sid Hale View Post

      Hi Mattie,

      You lost me.

      Given the topic of your book... shouldn't you be able to find the answer there?

      My earlier comment ends along those lines as well Sid. (and others who brought it up). It has been a disturbing trend from the beginning of internet marketing time, where people create "how to make money online" products, and then still trying to figure out how to make money online themselves. hmm... well what do you folks think of this title for an ebook: "how to make money online for people trying to sell how to make money online products". That would fly well here in the WF wouldn't it?
      Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
      "I LOVE The Song! The Vibe Is Positive And Firm!" - Kymani Marley. (Son of Bob Marley).

      "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
      "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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        It's hard to say what you should charge. Depends on the size of your book and the quality of the content. Make sure that it's not a general "how to make money online" book. That is too vague. It should be a book on a specific strategy to be more appealing. You also need the credibility to back it up because those types of books are a dime a dozen. Hope this helps! I wish you luck!

        Content Creation and Publishing Design Specialist!

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    Your book is about the make money online niche but your asking about how to market it? Really?
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    Why would you sell an ebook about how to make money online, when you don't know how to make money online, and are asking us how to market it?

    My advice is to enter into a different niche other than "make money online".
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      Sell it as a WSO first. WSO guides generally sell for $5-$10.00.
      If it does well you can try selling it for higher price through Clickbank.

      For selling it as a WSO use,

      1. WSO Pro to tap a large number of affiliates
      2. Dime sale to gain sales momentum and
      3. Don't forget testimonials to gain trust with the potential buyer. You can get them by posting here.
      4. Add a signature with the link to your WSO. Gets exposure every time you post!

      Good luck!
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    No offense but if you're selling a book on how to make money online shouldn't you be able to answer that question?

    Ron Desi
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    Try Amazon Kindle. Pick a great title. Use a headline analyzer for marketing purposes and thus check & make sure you have a strong title.
    When it comes to pricing: do some market research and see how similar books in this particular niche are being sold. You'll find books on Kindle for $0.99
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  • I'm sorry, but your product's already doomed to failure.

    You wanna know why? Because it's obviously not worth very much. If it was, you'd know about it.

    You wouldn't be on here, asking us how much you should sell your creation for. If it was any good, you'd be on here with the title

    "Hey guys! I've just created this awesome product! Which price do you think is more reasonable? 2000 dollars...or 5000?"

    See what I mean?

    I dunno man, try it anyway but don't be surprised if you don't make much.

    50% converting squeeze pages, 12% converting WSO's, and more...
    BenPalmerWilson Copywriting
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    I am with Sid, Randall, Stolting Media, and James on this one. If you have actual experience making money online (through some means other than selling information about making money online -- there is far too much of that already) and you are willing to share that knowledge for a set price, then your work is gold, and can be priced in proportion to the earning potential of the information.

    If on the other hand your only experience in making money online has been researching and writing your book, then you might as well give it away for free under the Kindle Select program and use it to drive traffic to your site or blog, build your email list, and build an audience for the next one.

    Speaking of websites: Get a real hosting service and build a real website with Wordpress. If all you are going to use is a landing page, then spend some money on a copywriter, and develop some method of driving traffic to it.
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      Post it as a might be able to get some sales.
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    Try pricing it at $1 at first. Then slowly increase the sale until a certain number. You should get good replies from your buyers if you have faith in your product.
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    I would start by focusing in on something less vague than "make money online." Obviously, marketing is not a strong point of this product, so why not determine the one aspect of this "make money online" "system" that you have put together that you are very comfortable and confident in, and then sell the book as a focused instructional on how to get the most out of that one element of "make money online." It will help keep people from being disappointed if your book does not deliver everything that it is supposed to with a claim like "make money online."
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    Jumping into the make money online world, and trying to sell it and make money online yourself without actually knowing how to sell it is contradictory.

    Aphasia: Loss of Language NOT Intelligence.

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    Nearly finished e-book and help required!!!


    Oh, the irony...:rolleyes:

    Originally Posted by Mattie1 View Post

    I've just about finished my first book which explains how to make money online etc. what is the best way to sell this? How much for?
    If you don't know the answer to this, then you shouldn't be writing such a book.

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    Selling in the make money online is something very hard these days. Just think how much you would pay for such a book? This should be your yardstick for setting the price.

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    Forget it...if you haven't already made money online then move on to writing a book about something you have been able to accomplish or help someone else write their book about something they have accomplished.

    It would be ok to have said "I made $50K with eBay and I've written a book about that, can you help me understand how to market that..."

    But if the reality is that you haven't made some decent dough online and you have written a book about how others can AND THEN you have to ask this forum how to do you see the issue?

    The reality of it is that taking action and trying some things and then making some money isn't all that hard...then you can write about it and make even more as you try more things...rinse and repeat.

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    I suggest you should give a bit more information on your product. "How to make money online in what????

    From my previous experience and success I have had, here's what you should do:

    a. Create a Squeeze Page - And then give out a free report

    b. Then promote your product which is the E-book

    However, just as jbsmith said, if you are asking for help on how to sell your "make money" ebook, then you most likely are not skilled in running an internet business.

    I suggest you work on what i gave you above...

    You'll need the below to make it work:

    a. A good autoresponder - Aweber or Getresponse

    b. A squeeze page - You can download really good one Here

    c. Learn a bit about "List Building". There are lots of free resources on this forum that will help you achieve that.

    If you follow the above, you'll achieve success easily. I know this because i have made money locally selling products using email list before.
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    yes try a wso or to sell your book or even digitalpoint.Hope that helps.You could even consider ebay and amazon.
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    Video sales letters will certainly help with sales, as it's nice for people to be listen to what the product is about instead of just having the option to read a long sales letter.

    PM me if you want a video sales letter, I run a service and offer great prices just for warriors.
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