Does Your Hosting Suck? Couple Lessions I've Recently Learned!

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Hello Warriors, (the names will be left out to protect the innocent )

So this morning I woke up again to another dead server. Let me get one thing clear.. there is nothing that pisses me off more than having my sites offline. Seriously, it just enrages me.. secondly bad customer service, thirdly (if that is a word) customer service that has no clue what the hell is going on, and lastly customer service that you can not understand and beats around the bush!

If this thread helps just one person, i've done my job.

About me. We own a hosting co. with very high end dedicated servers and hundreds of sites. All names will be left out because im not here to sell anybody. This one server costs us around $3600/yr.

We recently changed from one hosting co. to another hosting co. for one of our dedicated servers. The hosting co. we were with was perfect for 3 years, but the new server that we bought from new co.#2 was far superior. Basically comparing a ferrari to an old ford truck so we went with it.

First 2 months, no real problems, we did all the optimizing and management on the server so again alot of techy stuff, but no biggie. This week server has been down 2 times in 3 days. Our contact via live chat with the hosting guy the other day basically took about an hour to have the guy reset the server after all the B>S> beating around the bush. Login, reset server, done... not hard Mr. Customer Support Guy.

Next day... Fine.. No problems..

Today, again server down. Customer support guy tries all the same B>S> chit chat crap that the guy the other day did. We just got straight to the point and told him, we went through this the other day, Customer service rep. XX just reset it for us.

He still wants to beat around the bush, put in a support ticket, you need to do this and that.... final comment (ok, what ever guy) thinking he basically had no clue what was going on.

Next step: Call the company. Well, we should have seen this coming when we could barely understand the automated voice on the phone telling us to push #9 for english.. (Oh no here we go)

Customer Service rep answers: (Again we have no problem with a person who speaks broken english, but WTF was this guy talking about)::

and I "quote" and type to the best of my ability on what this guy said:

Us: Hello our servers are down again, can you reset them, a ticket is already open, we talked to your online support with no avail, can you get it reset for us?"

Rep: "uuummm.....sssiiirrr.. uummm....yezzzz.. I see... umm... they are on yrrr... ummm.... yessss.... umm..... No... You have to... yesszzz... we are working on it."

Us: Can you just reboot the server or smart layer so the server can get back online and we can get our 270 sites back online.

Rep: "well........ uumm....... hhmmm........"

Us: We would just do it in our back office but our back office has been going to just a grey screen when we login. Has anything been changed in the last few days. We have had no problems for months now it is down and we can not see anything or have any control on rebooting.

Rep: Well I can assure you sir, ....ummm... nothing has been changed in along time... it is your servers.

Us: It is on your hub page on your server for your co. that we can not access it has nothing to do with our servers. It is your site.

Rep: "Umm.....No .. I Not sure why ...hhmm...."

Us: Hang up... (sorry we hate stupidity) especially on a multimillion dollar company. (Your reps are a direct impression on your company people. Spend a few bucks and train them!!)

So we are now waiting for the server to get back online because they think they have to do some major investigation on the server in which they are probably going to try to charge us a $75/hr service charge which they can stick right up their rumps...

We checked their blog and yes, the back office has been having problems on their site and has been fixed and debugged around 11 times in the last 7 weeks (which their customer rep had no clue about) and we told them there was a problem 12 weeks ago and they told us to update our browser.

Remember warriors It is always your fault, never the companies :confused:

Even a 20 year vet like myself with literally thousands of sites under my belt is no match for a rep. of these companies. It is always our fault. (giving a little compassion I understand what these people have to deal with also)

SO:::::::::::::::::::: What are we going to learn out of all of this:

#1 - If you have a good hosting company. Stick with them.

#2 - If you have multiple sites. Diversify. Stick your main ones on 1, 2, or 3 different server plans from multiple hosting co.'s if necessary. That way they all can not all go down at the same time.

#3 - Call the hosting co. in advance before you buy any services to see what kind of person is on the other end. Ask a few simple questions.

#4 - Do your research before buying any hosting plan. Search the Warrior forum threads to see what other people have experienced.

#5 - If you own a hosting co. or any business - My gosh people spend a few bucks to train your reps. Your reps are a direct reflection of you and your business.

Hopefully this helps a few people. Sorry to rant and rave.

Why not tell other warriors about your experiences below on this thread and let us know what your experience has been - Good and Bad.

Have a wonderful day:rolleyes:
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    Who the hell are you getting dedicated's from? That's brutal.

    I can send you a really good dedicated/colo hosting company out of the US if you want, we use them for most of our servers and they have been fantastic.
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    I have always stuck to the major hosting companies and never had a problem. I've been using HostGator for quite some time and have rented a variety of different servers from them since I started my career online and I have never had a problem. rack space is also a great solution. Both of these companies have stellar customer service and my issues have always been resolved no matter what they are within 24 hours. I see people complaining about hosting and they are usually with a small time company. For that reason I have always avoided them.

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    I would prefer to stick to my old hosting company instead of going for a new one and risking my sites.
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    You should consider Yahoo Webhosting.
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    Sounds like they need at least one tech guy to man the phones, then you wouldn't have this frustration. I feel sorry for the guys you dealt with, seems like they're your run of the mill non techie CSRs (customer service reps).

    You don't want to click here --> Richard Arblaster

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      I know what you mean -- been through 3 hosting companies within a year or so.

      Transferring sites over is a major pain in the @ss -- even if you have support do it for you.

      Seems I get suckered in to new hosting companies who are full of good intent, but after a few months, they go down the drain.

      And the worse thing is when you didn't even know your sites were down -- only when you wonder why your income has suddenly gone down...
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    Thanks everybody! Yes, it is a pain in the a$$ I just checked the ticket and it says it was escalated to their system admins.. I should reply, "well then who the heck has been looking at it for the last 2 hours"? lol.. I wont, but c'mon there is a very simple fix to this that should only take about 2 minutes, reboot the server. Done....

    Im thinking they are trying to find the reason why the server is going down then going to give me some BS> story that is was my fault and then try go nickel and dime me for $75/hr.

    Reminder.. this is a MAJOR company not some little fly by night co. they only deal with high end dedicated servers... they do not offer small vps, or reseller, or individual hosting packages. You can only get major servers.. should be interesting..

    Little do they know that we are already looking into new co.'s to start the transfers before their next billing cycle. If you claim "100% uptime" then 2 hours of downtime and who knows how many hours last night while sleeping of downtime.. this does not constitute 100% uptime. ( I know its a selling point) - but a simple reboot of our dedicated so our system admins can fix the problem is not too much to ask is it?
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    If you want clued-in reps who speak English clearly and do what's needed to get a problem fixed, Verio is an excellent choice. Their managed private servers start at $275/month.

    I have been a happy Verio customer for 14 years. Their tech support staff is as good as any customer service team I've ever dealt with.

    Here was the kicker for me: They offered a Linux-based VPS product a few years ago that the sales staff said would be suitable for a project I wanted to host on it.

    It wasn't. It was so bad that I referred to it as a VPoS when I called tech support about it - every single day.

    Instead of "blaming the customer," the tech staff I spoke with (all of them) said they didn't believe the product was suitable for customer use yet. They also explained, in terms that a moderately tech-literate person (me) could see were true, why the sales rep was clueless about my requirements, and what was needed to make the project work.

    The most professional group of people I've had the pleasure of dealing with online. They're as good as Sam Stephens and Sid Hale, which is unheard of for a large company.

    One real problem with one account in all that time. I'm not going anywhere.

    Hostgator's support is pretty good, too. I haven't got any dedicateds with them, so I can't speak on that part of their product line.

    I've had a couple of accounts with Dreamhost for years, but I haven't had occasion to contact their support staff. For the price it's been excellent, in my experience. They do get mixed reviews, though. Seems to be a love 'em or hate 'em company, with reasonable people on both sides of that.

    Pair Networks was always good, but I haven't had an account with them in a few years, so I couldn't say what their service is like now. I'd be surprised if it wasn't as good as ever.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    @Paul Myers - Thanks.. you gave me a smile for two reasons today the first is this:

    Zen Redneck
    The second one had me laughing and smiling:
    It was so bad that I referred to it as a VPoS
    VPoS ... ok now my eyes are

    After 8 hours of BS with the company we finally just had to yell and tell these idiots we need our servers up now! Reset them and we will do all the maintenance and tweaking on them. The guy "Robert" said "Unbelievable"..and had them reset in less than 4 minutes, we blacklisted some ip's that were spamming our search engines at 246,000 requests per sec. and all is normal now.

    But.... 8 hours to reset a server. Not good. We are now going back to the company we were with for 3 years and yes, I will say a name - very very good company. We have a very good relationship with them and all their live online staff.

    But again not selling them, there are alot of good companies out there and until today we thought this new one wasnt too bad. There is more to the story but im not going to post each reply to the ticket and boar everybody.

    Paul Meyers - You get a big thanks!! Thanks for the chuckel
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