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    pretty good stuff there.

    There has been alot of posts in here in the WF over the last few weeks on how to do this.

    But I like those suggestions. Make sure you are building a list too. That can help and create massive profits if you work some magic. The money is in the list as they say.
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    The million dollar question.... Great response though!
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    That actually IS a working method and there are plenty of case studies about that.

    Also the person who emailed you haven't probably checked JVzoo. It has instant commissions and there is plenty of quality products compared to rapbank. Digi results has some quality stuff too and I think they pay instant commissions also.
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    Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

    Today I received this email and I thought there might be others that would have similar questions:
    Subject: Hello HP!

    I was wondering if you could answer truthfully a pressing question for me...Is it really possible to make any Instant Money from the internet?

    What is the quickest way to make money online?

    Google AdSense has a minimum payment threshold of $100 in place before any payments will be made.

    ClickBank has a qualification called the Customer Distribution Requirement to qualify for any commission payments. If you can't satisfy their Customer Distribution Requirement, CB will hold onto your commissions & if your customers don't pay the way ClickBank wants them to (with credit cards) and you don't get at least five different customers paying with credit cards, then you will never see your CB commissions.

    The only way, so far as I can see, to get instant pay-outs is creating your own products, paying for targeted traffic to these products, like thru Solo Ads, & selling them from your own website.

    And the Instant pay networks like Rapbank, JVZoo, Payspree etc. don't always have the kind of products that are in demand for an affiliate to want to promote.

    I'm really trying to not settle for & avoid those business plans and affiliate programs that actually are very slow to bring in money & I'm really done with all the pipe dreams & camouflage that the so called gurus are still trying to sell me...present company excluded!

    Can you help me on what actions to take to better promote products without having to go thru Google or those slow paying Clickbank, CPA & Adsense type networks, I would really appreciate it!

    So again, what I need is something that pays you immediately and deposits proceeds directly into my PayPal account without minimum thresholds, or waiting for a scheduled pay day to arrive.

    I'd be very grateful for any advise in this matter!

    Thank you;

    Here my answer:

    Yes, it is possible.

    One way that works:

    1. create a product that is valuable (for example create a word template for Kindle)
    2. Open Paypal account
    3. Create a buy now button
    4. Put a link in your warrior forum signature
    5. Get traffic to that signature by answering people's questions (hint: you can find most answers by doing some basic research on forums or on Google)

    As you can see from my signature I have a banner there. That banner costs $60 per year. I did track the sales that came through that banner for 10 days or so and within those 10 days I made back the $60 for sure and the rest is all profit. This method won't make you rich and for sure not rich over night but if you offer something of value and "promote" your signature with really helpful posts you can easily make a couple hundred dollars per month.


    thats a pretty great idea, thanks for the info
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    You can always suggest to him do some outsourcing. Maybe write articles for others, build sites, anything to make a buck while he is also getting an affiliate product up and going. That I'd say is the absolute quickest way to making some actual cash online. Then there's fiverr, elance, etc...
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    CPA might be faster than this and more of an automoted system but i like this idea too
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    Pick a niche and write some original content around it. Put up those articles for sale with PLR rights. Another option is to write for those who need outsourced articles. In fact there is a variety of services which you can provide and earn like backlinking etc.
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    True indeed... and that is forum marketing at its best! Great post and tips to share to the masses!
    -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
    -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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    Excellent suggestions; didn't realize that there is a demand for kindle templates. I like the banner idea, too- hey I clicked on HP's banner, and I'll probably purchase! Already on HP's list, and have purchased several of his products, and am a satisfied customer. So I will take his advice, here.
    CPA was mentioned, but I don't know if this "instant". Difficult to get accepted into networks, so some groundwork is needed first; plus I think their payouts are slow.
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    Set goals like

    what do I want? (be as specific as possible)

    Set time frames (one month, three months etc).

    How do you plan on reaching your goal?

    How much can you afford to invest in your goal to achieve it? (both time and money)

    What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals (entertainment, dinning out, cutting back on expenses)

    Tracking your progress. ( how far you've gotten and how far you need to go on a daily basis)

    Don't tell anybody about your plans and goals.Until after you have accomplished them.

    Enjoy your rewards once you have achieved them.

    Give Back to others in time or money.

    Plan prepare and execute.
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    Nice, what I would have say to this question was this:

    - Hello man, what is the quickest way to make money online?
    - Sell something to someone...

    But of course that's not what he wants...but yes you're right, create your products and sell it through your signature...but of course if he has not made money yet...well you know...just sayin'

    PS: it's 6 am...good night/day
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