Hiring a VA... Do I need to fill out paperwork?

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So I'm at the point were I'm looking to hire a virtual assistant, but I don't know what it requires. Is there any paperwork or any other things required legally to hire a VA?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    One of the advantages of working with a virtual assistant is that the entire process is virtual (meaning, no paperwork required :-).
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    Well if you are using oDesk or Freeelancer, then no such paperwork is required. It is all done through the website.
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    Just sign up with your main outsourcing site and they will handle it all.
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    There is no paperwork required as everything is processed online.
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    You hire most VA's at an agency/company that will also do the paperwork for you. The tax-papers of ''your'' employees are done by that company as they provide a service for you and not actually become a full time employee at your company/LLC.

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    Just make sure you pick the right VA.
    Communication with your VA is paramount.
    You need to know what you require them to do...
    & they need to know how to execute.

    Be 'crystal clear' with your instructions !

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    There's really no paperwork required but I do recommend making an employment contract with your VA. Just to make things clear and set all the necessary terms like days-off, bonuses, stuff like that
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      Thanks for the help everyone! Definitely gonna look into it more tomorrow. Good advice with making sure to be detailed about what I want them to do, thanks!
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    I would suggest to prepare an agreement and get it signed to avoid any misunderstandings in future. Even if he is a Virtual assistant, you have to do this for protecting yourself and him ethically at least.
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