Affiliate Shark Attack - This Time It's Gone Too FAR!

by mrmcd
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Fellow Warrior, Let me be straight forward with you, I don't know
how far this post is going to get, because there are a lot of people (sharks)
who are trying to stop this information from spreading.

What I'm about to share with you will possible not only save you
(and the newbies here) from the sharks, but give you some ideas
exactly how you can position yourself for inescapable affiliate

I am talking about a level of success which you may not even be
aware off.

Well, it's time all the Warriors Knew This!

You want to be protected from the online thieves, and focus your
energy in the right direction. When it comes to affilliate programs,
there are CLAER SIGNS what to look for, and MORE IMPORTANTLY what to


Ok, Buckle up and hold tight, we are going in, let me explose a few
online things to you!!

If you are involved in an affiliate program at the moment, and not
making any money... the chances are you are being scammed. You may
have already been promoting an affiliate program without getting any
results, wasting your time and even your money with nothing to show for!

If you have been applying what you've learned here at the forum,
and still are not making money from Affiliate programs,

the chances are... you're SCAMMED!

Newbies Rule #1 - Don't Be USED To Build Someone Elses Mailing List
If you have been marketing online for any length of time, you would
have heard the saying "The Money is in The List," right? And yes
it's true; the money is in the list.

BUT here is what they don't tell you. You sign up for an affiliate
program to earn some affiliate commissions. You start sending them
loads of traffic (website visitors). You go and find places where
you can place ads and put in your energy to market this website.

But you do NOT make any sales. What is going on here...?

The fact is the people you are sending to see the offer are not
making any purchases. Instead, they are joining the same affiliate
program which you joined.

Your efforts ARE working, just NOT for YOU!

Soon, if not right away, you start receiving other "Time Sensitive"
offers from the same people who run this affiliate program, with
the sole purpose to max out your credit card!

HOLD IT MY WARRIOR FRIEND!!! - What is going on here...?

You have put in your time, energy, money, and effort into promoting
a website. The thanks you receive in exchange are opportunities to
spend money on Time Sensitive Offers that are being sent out by an

This is almost criminal! They may even send you offers to purchase
tools and products which will help you promote their website. And
for what? To build their database of affiliates that is ready to buy!


Let's break it up and take a good at what's happened.

1 - You get all excited about the stuff you learned here and go off
to join an affiliate program with the intention to make money, right?

2 - You invested your time and your money into promoting a product
or service, being told you will earn commissions from referring

3 - The people you sent to see the offer joined the same affiliate
program you did. If they would have wanted to purchase the product,
they could have done it from their own affiliate link, or got their
friends to signup first and then purchased it from their link!

4 - You start receiving advertisements to purchase products from
the affiliate program you joined. They have an autoresponder
sending you sequenced messages, with powerful sales letters trying
to seduce you into buying their offers. (POSSIBLE WARNING SING)

5 - Get this, the affiliates you have referred, start promoting the
site just as you did. What happens next...? You guessed it, the same
as what they did to you; it's a vicious cycle.

Do you see what is happening here? The affiliate programs you are
promoting are making money from your referrals. They are getting
the customers first to join the affiliate program. This way they
never have to pay affiliate commissions. Instead, they earn
directly from the affiliates.

If you send a visitor to the website, and they make a purchase, you
get paid. But if they join the affiliate program (just as you have)
and then make purchases, you get ZIP! Nothing, Nada!

My friend, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee!

You want to make money, but in reality you are loosing money. For
all your efforts they get more subscribers to join their affiliate
program. The money is being made from direct back end sales from
all the affiliates you have referred.

These affiliate programs are not making money from their affiliates
making sales. The money is being made from direct sales targeted at
the affiliates. This Calls for Action! With so many of these sort
of affiliate programs around, it can be easy to give up and throw
in the towel.


There is far too much money to be made with affiliate programs to
quit altogether. Instead its time for you to evaluate which
affiliate programs are scams, and which ones are going to make you
money. Here are a couple of things you can look out for; these will
give you a clear indication of danger. I like to call them "Shark

Shark Alert 1- Affiliate links on the sales page

Whenever I am considering joining a new affiliate program, I always
check to see if there is an affiliate link on the sales page. These
links can come in the form of a text, button, an image, or a
banner. Affiliate links can also come in the form of "Resellers"
"Partners" etc.

Now I realize that there are going to be some readers here that
are going to be a little upset and dissagree with this, but I think
The best place - and the "right place" for an affiliate (link that
sayes affiliate and directs you to the affiliate page), should be
down the bottom with the other footer links. (Affiliates can easily
find them there)

Before putting in your effort, time and money into promoting any
more affiliate programs be sure to check the sales page for a link
to join their affiliate program. If you find one watch out cause it
could be another shark.

I've even seen (will not mention names here) top well known online
marketers reqruiting affiliates from the offer page, and telling
them ON VIDEO how to order through their own affiliate and get the
commission!! What EVER happen to the REAL Affiliate that worked
hard to refer that new person to the site, they got paid ZIP!

Before thinking about marketing, you should focus on finding the
right affiliate program. Be ready to take the right risks, and
promote the programs that are going to make lots of money for you.

Find the affiliate program that is right for you, and join me in
making true profits online today!

Newbies and Seasoned Warriors, let's do this the right way!
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