What Sort Of Product Should I Create

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Hey Guys,

I run CashFlowInvestor.com.au which is an Australaian website about positive cash flow property.

The main problem I have is a lack of affiliate products for the Australian market.

I sell books but you don't make much per book.

I'm thinking of making my own online product but don't know what to make. I want it to be a "make once" product so not a membership site.

Any ideas???
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    You can make a app for my blackberry that you can post/login to warriorform same as the facebook app using the blackberry service which mean I can be on warriorforum whenever I am all the time
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    Take something that you know a lot about and are passionate about, and then create a product about that. That seems like a good way to attract others... possibly at least.
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    For starters, you could try making one of your books into an ebook and then see if you have better luck selling digital copies...you might getting have better luck selling digital products rather than physical ones.

    All the best
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      Find a topic that you're passionate about that has multiple ways to monetize it. It's an iterative process and make take a few rounds before you find something that meets both those criteria. I did a free webinar with Ken McCarthy a few years ago on finding your "perfect niche", you might find it useful. Even though some things may have changed, the core idea is evergreen.

      Sharon Odom - How to Find Your Niche*|*The System ®
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    whats your interest?

    Are there many ppl with the same interest? google keyword

    Is the comp. tough to beat? seo quake, traffic travis, market samurai

    Build site around it and monetize it.

    3 pure info posts for every 1 money post per week

    build BLs via guest blogging, blog rolls, bug article direcs

    autoresponder in widget with free gift

    VIDEO TAPE AND MAKE A LOG of this WHOLE PROCESS and sell it as a product to your residual asset audience

    now u have two assets
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    Automatic investment program? Money management program?

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    How about a video information product. Those have a higher price value.
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    I would recommed the video too. As it seems to be growing, everyone has videos now
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    It's either you use something that you love doing a lot, or something related to what you're already got running there. Take your pick. I'd like to give credit to theimdude for giving a good suggestion right there. You can take advantage of the people using mobile devices by making apps for different mobile operating systems.
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    Write a big ass eBook on ecommerce if that's what you're into. Think of your strengths and passions. If you're a big shot money man, write a book about it and sell it for a premium.
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    @geolocal / Great information on this webinar, thanks for posting. I think it would be great for the newbies out there. I have just been reading a post on desperate/ struggling people wanting to make cash online and think they could benefit from this.
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    A video course that demonstrates exactly, how to find positive cash flow properties. This would easily have the potential to sell in the $997-1,997 range.

    Of course, there needs to be sufficient demand.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    If you want to master Product Creation I highly suggest you look up Jason Fladlien because he's a very successful product creator who mostly teaches techniques on Product Creation His methods have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend it...
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    If you are interested, i will help you write a complete ebook on any subject for free. Why would I do this? I am creating a product to help people write an ebook, not an article, in ONE weekend and I want to build a testimonial library. You can reach into Yahoo and mail to saleclozer and we'll flush out ideas.
    Once you have an ebook, each chapter has its own value as a trainer's tool, monthly newsletter, etc. So, each chapter becomes its own revenue stream.
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