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Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie when it comes to IM. My site is 4 months old, and ranking well in Bing and Yahoo (SERPS first page), not in Google (around position 140). As the site is still under construction, I'm going to create more articles/backlinks and add to the pages. I know this will help the SERPS. All this being said: My current bounce rate is around 40%. Returning and new visitors for one month, only around 153 which I know is very low indeed. Average time on my site is 23 minutes. My site being new is not helping the SERPS in Google. I'm in a low to medium competition primary keyword. Problem is the other sites have a LOT of backlinks to them. I believe that is one of the things that is causing me not to rank well.

When I do get traffic, how much traffic should I be getting until I convert a sale? I am using Clickbank and Amazon.
Should I use Adsense? Does Adsense convert better than the two products above?
Any other suggestions?

I do know how to create/design websites and have experience with other websites, just not the IM aspect.

Any advice from you gents/ladies with more experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    You're correct, gaining some quality backlinks will help you with gaining rank with Google.

    As far as how much traffic you should get to convert a sale might depend on whether you're promoting a higher end priced product or a lower end product. If it's a lower end one, then you should be able to tell if how well it's converting by the time you've had your first 1000 visitors...even before that, but again, there's several factors to keep in mind, how well the sales copy is written and whether you're truly bringing in targeted traffic for your offer, etc.

    Adsense can be a great additional income if you have a nice informational site, but if you're truly focusing on promoting your Clickbank products, then you might not want your visitors trailing off by visiting adsense links. Overall, testing and tracking will help you determine your best options for your site.

    ~ Rhonda White
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      Great advice, thanks. These are higher-end baby products, etc. I've heard so many pros and cons about buying backlinks. Some people on this forum swear by doing so, others not so much.

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      Jesus Saves.

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    would help if you showed us your site
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    The percentage of visitors who convert to a sale will vary widely depending on what conversion you're measuring, what the offer is, where the traffic comes from, and a host of other data points.

    So, to get you some kind of answer, or at least an idea, I'll make some assumptions:

    - That your traffic is all from Organic
    - That your keyword selection is appropriate
    - That your landing page is of at least average quality
    - That you do a decent job at copy writing
    - That your offer is something that your visitors believe to be credible
    - That you have links directly to your Clickbank offers (not list building)

    With those assumptions, you'll still have some big fluctuations... But out of 100 visitors, perhaps you could assume 10 will hop through to your CB offer. If you do a good job at your copywriting, maybe 20. If you do an awesome job - kick ass, take no prisoners, best of the best... maybe you get 30 or more. Unlikely, in my experience anyway (I've created some real dog sites).

    Then, out of those who hop through, it will depend on how well the CB offer converts. So, assume a typical offer in a typical niche - think 1%ish. 2-3% on better products in better niches. 4-5% in hot products in hot niches with a great pre-sell.

    But... again, assume you've done "c" work. Think 1%.

    So in this example, if 10 out of 100 hop through, and 1 out of 100 of those convert, you'd need 1000 visitors to convert a sale. Double your hop through with a 2% converting offer and you need only 250 visitors.

    Some people do way better than that. Some never get a sale.

    Now... the real news... everything I just wrote is fun to think about, but utterly meaningless. I hate to say it, but it's true. There are so many variables and all of them are subjective.

    My advice (for what that's worth!) would be to watch what happens on your site and modify your process as you learn.

    So, you have some people coming to the site... how many are clicking on your affiliate links? If not enough, test various placements of your links. Test different graphics or text links. Once you get a decent number of people clicking through, then you need to watch what happens. Do they convert? At what percent? Good hops but low purchase could mean that your pre-selling well, but maybe your offer is no good, or doesn't match expectations.

    This reply is not to suggest there are even any assumptions you can make. You can't make any.

    I wish there were a simple answer.

    There might be some industry wide averages somewhere - or maybe Clickbank wide averages... Even if there are...they'd be meaningless to you - or anybody - to use for their own sites.
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      Excellent advice, very thorough. It seems that it does boil down to traffic and where I am ranking currently. I get an average of only 2-3 hops (via clickbank) per day over a month's time. Amazon was just installed in the last week - 28 clicks only in a week's time. None have converted so far. These products are higher end. Is this part of the problem? Or is that telling me they are not interested in the products?

      How are these people who are doing niche sites making so much money then? Thanks.

      just want to mention...I did a lot of research, the clickbank products convert very well. The amazon products convert well. Good quality products with 4/5 star reviews.

      Videographer/Website Designer
      Jesus Saves.

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    Well, with only 28 clicks so far, there's just not enough clicks to tell the actual conversion (especially if these are higher end products)...just keep testing until you've accumulated a huge number of clicks. (Also, I wasn't sure if you meant 28 clicks for "one" product...or 28 clicks "total" for several Amazon products.)

    Also study up on the best ways to market your Amazon affiliate products....if they're converting well on Amazon, then that's a good indicator that you have potential, but you want to use the best methods of linking to the products and the best type of content to market the products...

    But as I said earlier, with only 28 clicks so far you don't have enough to tell yet how it will convert for you.

    ~ Rhonda White
    Sell Information Products - Five FREE Products ~ Quality PLR Content on SALE ==>> Plus, FREE GRAPHICS & IMAGES! ~ Receive a Free Trip to Heaven! (Money can't buy it!)

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